Issue Area: Energy Pollution

Sierra Club – North Star Chapter

The North Star Chapter represents the members of the Sierra Club in the state of Minnesota.  A strong emphasis on volunteer education, engagement and empowerment.  Conservation education, advocacy, legal action and outdoor activities/recreation.

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Soular Scenes

Soular Scenes is a mobile platform for people (both on stageand off) to exhibit, employ, and witness green practices in three distinctfields: technical theater, solar powered technologies, and performanceproduction. A lightweight portable solar system and professional artists powerSoular Scenes. This mobile prototype delivers professional artists andsustainable themes to the North …

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Southern Alliance for Clean Energy SACE Alabama

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy SACE is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that promotes responsible energy choices that solve global warming problems and ensure clean, safe and healthy communities throughout the Southeast. Southern Alliance for Clean Energy works on several fronts to push for clean air, clean water and cleaner, safer …

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Sustainable Cities Design Academy

To help support and advance good sustainable design practices, the American Architectural Foundation created the Sustainable Cities Design Academy (SCDA) in 2009. This initiative provides leadership development and technical assistance to local community leaders who are engaged in planning a sustainable building project in their community. Through SCDA, AAF seeks to …

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Sustainable Cities Programme

The Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) is a joint UN-HABITAT/UNEP facility established in the early 1990s to build capacities in urban environmental planning and management. The programme targets urban local authorities and their partners. It is founded on broad-based stakeholder participatory approaches.Key Features of the Sustainable Cities ProgrammeThe SCP was started …

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Sustainable City Project University of Arizona

The Sustainable City Project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between UA’s Drachman Institute, College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA), the Institute of the Environment, College of Architecture, and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS). It serves as an educational and outreach interface between the university and the …

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The Centre for Energy, Environment, Science and Technology

Ceest foundation is an independent research institution whose objectives are to undertake research and studies in areas related to energy, environment, science and technology. We have a massive experience in the above areas in particular technology and policy related research and studies in energy and environment, Environmental impact assessment (EIA) …

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