Issue Area: Energy Pollution

Baylor Institute for Air Science

Mission StatementThe Baylor Institute for Air Science (BIAS) was established to advance BaylorUniversity’s mission to foster stewardship of the earth through research, public service and the education of a new generation of scientist-pilots dedicated to protect and serve the environmentResearchBIAS conducts investigations into air quality and provides support for investigations …

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Berkeley Energy Alliance for Renewables

Purpose: To collect waste vegetable oil from campus dining halls and process it into biodiesel in order to reduce or eliminate the use of petroleum diesel on campus, such as in the Refuse and Recycling fleet. The project will serve practical, educational and environmental purposes, and demonstrate the use of …

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Beyond Benign

Beyond Benign is a nonprofit focused on creating a workforce and public that is well educated in green chemistry in order to create safer materials for a thriving society.Beyond Benign was created to generate, gather and disseminate green chemistry information to a wide audience. The Foundation is focused on creating …

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Carbon Coalition

The Carbon Coalition is a non-partisan coalition of citizens, scientists, businesses, students, communities and organizations who’ve come together to advocate for a national energy policy that protects our communities and environment from the ravages of global warming caused by carbon pollution.What We DoTo us, climate is a moral, economic and …

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Center For Creative Land Recycling [CCLR]

The Center for Creative Land Recycling [CCLR or see clear”] is a nonprofit organization focused on creating sustainable communities by identifying and implementing responsible patterns of land use and development. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate land recycling in ways that revitalize urban areas

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Clean Energy Action

Mission: promote clean energy alternativesmitigate global warmingraise public awareness about the liabilities of coal-fired power plants

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Clean Fuels Hawaii CFH

Clean Fuels Hawaii (CFH) is a not-for-profit organization established to promote the development and utilization of clean-burning fuels that can reduce dependence on imported oil, improve the Hawaiian economy, and maintain air quality. CFH has a broad base of support within the energy, environment, health, technology, agriculture, and automotive sectors. …

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Clean Power Campaign

The Clean Power Campaign is a non-profit coalition of environmental, scientific and public interest groups, and renewable energy technology companies based in Sacramento, California but working collaboratively with issue allies throughout the Pacific and Western regions.Our organization was founded in 1990 to promote public policies which encourage increased reliance by …

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