Issue Area: Energy Pollution

clean tick

CleanTick is an online network that allows people like you and me to make a difference to our planet. Whoever you are and whatever you do, CleanTick makes it easy for you to be a catalyst in spreading awareness about environmental protection, renewable energy and clean technology. You need not …

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Clear the Air Hong Kong

[imgur:cta_logo.gif:]Our MissionClear the Air is committed to the introduction and implementation of measures to significantly reduce air pollution in Hong Kong.” (Clear the air bylaws)We are volunteer organization committed to improving the air quality here. The organization provides a platform for the local community to actively address and deal with …

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Climate Change Awareness and Action

Climate change caused by emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from human activities is one of the greatest threats to people, economies and ecosystems in the 21st century. The international community must undertake a determined effort over several decades to cut emissions to a small fraction of their current level.As a …

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Coastal Area Resource Development and Management Association

Area of focus:  Environment education & livelihood issues in coastal areasActivities with respect to Science & Technology Education:  Science education to children/youth, spread of scientific temperActivities with respect to environment education:  Natural Resource Management, Pollution, Energy, Biodiversity, Urban Issues, Environmental Legislation, Agriculture and Related Issues.  Developed Country’s Environmental Guidelines and  …

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Community Against Pollution

Our mission is:- To improve, protect, and preserve our lives, our community and the environment with special emphases on our children’s health;- act as a liaison and voice for the community;- Monitor industry, local, state and federal agencies actions regarding environmental pollution and contamination; and,- Maintain an office, open daily, …

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COOLmob (Top End) is a community project based in Darwin working together to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improved home energy and water efficiency, reduced car usage, less waste going to landfill and less food miles. 

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COSE, the small business division of the Greater ClevelandPartnership – one of the nation’s largest metropolitan chambers ofcommerce – serves as a one-stop resource for nearly 17,000 membercompanies. What does membership mean to our members? It means they have clout. Our members benefit from: Group purchasing programs that reduce their …

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Decentralized Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. (DESI Power)

DESI Power provides energy to rural villages in India through a decentralized system of biomass generators. It funds its operations by selling certificates of emission reduction. The company also sells the generators for commercial use.

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