Issue Area: Hazardous Solid Waste

113 Calhoun Street Foundation

The 113 Calhoun Street Foundation is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to create communities more resistant to losses from natural hazards – flood, wind, and earthquake – and to promote ways of living that help people conserve natural resources.113 Calhoun Streets mission is being achieved through the development …

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All Green Electronics Recycling

All Green Electronics Recycling offers free pick-up and drop-off in the United States for your old computers, televisions, printers, monitors, cell phones and all other outdated electronics.All Green Electronics Recycling is the worldÂ’s most responsible recycler. All Green Electronics Recycling takes unwanted or obsolete electronic equipment and ensures that none …

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Alliance Healthcare Foundation

The mission of the Alliance Healthcare Foundation is to promote health and wellness in the San Diego region, with special emphasis on the medically underserved. We accomplish this through collaborative grantmaking, advocacy and education.AHF defines healthy individuals and communities not only by the absence of disease, but also by their …

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Americans for a Safe Future ASF

Americans for a Safe Future (ASF) is the leading political force in a statewide coalition of groups working to stop the construction of a radioactive waste dump in Ward Valley, CA. The proposed waste dump site is only 18 miles from the Colorado River, Southern California’s primary source of drinking …

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ASK Apparel

ASK Apparel started with three sisters asking how they could create beautiful clothing true to their beliefs. Their answer is a line of apparel and accessories made using organic cotton, natural dyes, and traditional hand-crafting techniques.

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Association for Development of Environmental Policies

The objectives are to protect the environment, to improve knowledge on the natural and environmental infrastructure and support adjustment to the community environmental standards.Security in the sense of protecting the land and water resources and quality which implies exploitation of the environmental heritage are considered and transformed into interventions by …

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Atikokan Citizens For Nuclear Responsibility ACNR

ACNR seeks to stop the proliferation of nuclear power plants, mining, and the burial of high and low level radioactive waste. We promote the use of renewable energy and energy conservation and attempt to raise public awareness and acceptance.

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