Issue Area: Indoor Air Quality

Wasatch Clean Air Coalition

The Wasatch Clean Air Coalition was founded to provide education to the public, advocates, legislators and government officials about health effects of poor air quality. We attend state meetings and hearings and serve on local and state task forces, committees and commissions; comment on rules and before the state legislature; …

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We Organic, The Florida Organic Living Group

We Organic, The Florida Organic Living Group is a group who encourages the organic lifestyle in Florida through developing community, education, outreach, activities, and gardening information.Our activities cover the whole range of what it is to be organic.  Some of our past meetings have covered:Green CleaningOrganic GardeningOrganic CookingInformation SharingFeng ShuiOrganic …

Read More compiles information for people who are interested intopics such as Natural cure, Ayurveda, kriya yoga, pranayama, aromatherapy, Vedanta, Indian philosophy and history, pilgrimage, health,vedic astrology, finance, travel, lifestyle. Our goal is to demystifythe hype and find value in day to day living. Information presentedhere is condensed based on experience …

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