Issue Area: Light and Noise Pollution

Broadmeadows Action Group BAG

The Goals of the group are:- * Opposition to inappropriately sited wind factories in the Yarrow Valley where high visibility and noise disturbance will impact negatively on peoples lives, businesses and the landscapeBAG is not against the principle of generating electricity from renewable sources, but feel the need for stricter …

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Campaign for Sensible Transportation

The Campaign for Sensible Transportation is a group of individuals and organizations focused on Santa Cruz County transportation policies and issues. Our mission is to promote an effective transportation system that makes it easier to get around and decreases the stress and frustration of driving, without causing more air and …

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Centre for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment CEESE

The CEESE was set up shortly after the first United Nations Conference on the human environment, held in Stockholm in 1972. It is made up of a multidisciplinary research team which devotes its activities to the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the interactions between the economy and the environment. The …

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Citizens Concerned for Michipicoten Bay CCMB

Our activities: * Dust and Noise Pollution * Potential for Acid Generation from the site * Negative impacts on trout spawning and other critical fish and wildlife habitat * Disruption of a significant wildlife corridor (i.e., woodland caribou) * Loss of eco-tourism potential and negative impacts on existing tourism industry …

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Citizens for a Quiet Environment CQE

The Citizens for a Quiet Environment was formed by private citizens in Albuquerque, New Mexico who share a concern for the environment and for the problems created by unnecessary and often excessive noise. We are a tax exempt, non-profit corporation working for noise control, abatement and education in the Greater …

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Citizens for a Quieter Northfield

Citizens for a Quieter Northfield is a grassroots organization comprised of local citizens dedicated to reducing noise pollution and raising awareness about the negative health effects of noise pollution in the City of Northfield, Minnesota. Citizens for a Quieter Northfield promotes the right to quiet, and hosts a virtual open …

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Citizens for Responsible Lighting CRL

CRL OverviewCitizens for Responsible Lighting is a nonprofit member based educational organization striving to establish a safer and more attractive nighttime environment by providing quality information and resources for obtrusive outdoor lighting and light pollution reform through our web site. Who Relies on CRL Resources?State and municipal leaders rely on …

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Clear the Air Hong Kong

[imgur:cta_logo.gif:]Our MissionClear the Air is committed to the introduction and implementation of measures to significantly reduce air pollution in Hong Kong.” (Clear the air bylaws)We are volunteer organization committed to improving the air quality here. The organization provides a platform for the local community to actively address and deal with …

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Clydebelt Kilpatrick Hills Action Group

Our Objectives:>>> tourists & locals deterred from visiting Scenic Areas and National Parks>>> government targets for tens of 000s of turbines threaten much of our very finest landscape>>> penetrating low-frequency noise pollution, day and night, which makes some physically ill>>> birds killed by turbines and their habitats destroyed>>> safety – …

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