Issue Area: Light and Noise Pollution

Coalition of Residents-Tiny CORT

Coalition of Residents-Tiny CORT is to Preserve the tranquility and rural character of Tiny Township.CORT believes that whenever Wind Turbine Plants are proposed for an area such as Tiny Township the Losers” include: Electricity consumers who are forced to bear higher costs of electricity for the use of wind energy …

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The aims of this non-profit and non-governmental Committee are:- To do research on the noise pollution issue, stressing the multidisciplinary nature of this subject. In order to accomplish this aim, the Committee has a number of professionals belonging to several fields: Audiologists, Architects, Educators, Engineers, Lawyers, Medical Doctors, Psychologists.- To …

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Concerned Citizens of Pony CCP

Concerned Citizens of Pony was formed in response to expanding mineral development in the area of Pony, Montana. CCP watchdogs mining companies and regulators to ensure the protection of other natural resources and oversees administrative rule-making processes and legislative and court proceedings.Our Key activies:Air Quality, Mining, Water Quality, Noise Pollution

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Dark Sky Institute

WE ARE RESOLVED TO….# 1. Make telescopes available to high school students.# 2. Reduce wasteful nighttime lighting.# 3. Reclaim the Milky Way`s breathtaking luster and luminosity.# 4. Restore a dark night sky over America by 2020 Restore the Milky Way`s Breathtaking Magic.When was the last time you saw the starry …

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Designed Ecology

We learn from the study of anthropology that the world we perceive is a function not only of culture, but of relationship, activity, and emotion. In order to solve the many complex design challenges facing us today, we must begin by questioning our basic assumptions concerning our relationship to the …

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Ecologist in Action

AguaCambio climáticoConsumoContaminaciónEducación EcológicaEnergíaGlobalización y PazMedio MarinoNaturalezaResiduosTransgénicosTransporteUrbanismoDefensa Jurídica

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Emaús Reviver

The main missions of the Emmaus International Secretariat, placed under the authority of the Executive Committee and the responsibility of an executive director, are international coordination, the solidarity secretariat, communication, and general administration. Emmaus International An international movement to fight against extreme poverty and its causes A fundamental principle: Serve …

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ENCAMS is an environmental charity who campaign directly to the public. We are best known for our Keep Britain Tidy campaign, which has been running for over fifty years. We try to persuade you to stop dropping litter and put it in a bin.People suffering at the hands of their …

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Europäisches Netzwerk Mobilität und Lokale Agenda 21

Environmentally and socially responsible urban development EU enlargement will entail an increase in traffic volume and a rise in the number of passenger cars, especially in the accession countries. As a result, the social and environmental strains caused by traffic will also increase. In order for traffic to develop in …

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