Issue Area: Toxic and Hazardous Substances

Abolition 2000 Global Network

MissionIn April 1995, the 25-year-old Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was reviewed at the United Nations to evaluate whether it should be extended. Activists from around the world were dismayed that, in renewing the treaty, nations had left the issue of nuclear abolition off the agenda. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from dozens of …

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Acres Land Trust ACRES

We were incorporated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes and by charitable, educational and scientific means with five general purposes:1.) As a part of the continued growth of the communities in which it operates, as a land trust to acquire interests in and to preserve natural areas and to …

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Action Citoyenne pour les Alternatives aux Pesticides [ACAP]

Ce collectif compte aujourd’hui plus de 100 organisations, ce qui représente près de 300 associations réparties partout en France.>>> Pourquoi l’ACAP ?L’ACAP a pour objet d’informer nos concitoyens des dangers sanitaires liés à la pollution de l’eau, du sol, de l’air, des aliments, de nos corps… par les pesticides.L’ACAP a …

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Action Now

Action Now is a volunteer-based grassroots watchdog and educational organization dedicated to ending involuntary exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals. It focuses on the urban setting where the largest number of vulnerable people are concentrated and where environmental quality may already be unhealthy. It works to educate the public …

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Activist`s Center for Training in Organizing and Networking ACTION PA

Since 1995, we have worked with communities in Pennsylvania and beyond on waste, energy and toxics issues, contributing to victories against proposed incinerators, landfills, power plants, medical waste facilities, sewage sludge dumping, water fluoridation, and a nuclear waste dump. Through our Energy Justice Network project, we work with people around …

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Our mutual goals are to enhance enjoyment of public forest land by eliminating illegal dumping and to increase awareness of recycling opportunities for waste materials found.The Adopt-a-Forest program goals are:- Prevention through education – Law enforcement – Improved legal recycling and disposal options. The program encourages volunteers–the program’s backbone–to clean …

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African American Environmental Justice Action Network AAEJAN

AAEJAN’s mission is to address the disproportionate impact that pollution and toxins have on African American communities in the South and to work with others to achieve environmental justice for all Historically, people of color and the poor have endured the brunt of most oppressive systems and actions and by …

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African Women and Child Information Network

Interests:Conservation and Management of Resources for Environment and Development:-Rural Development, Water, Waste Management, Toxic Chemical and Hazardous Wastes, Land ManagementSocio Economic Dimensions:-Human Settlements, Urbanism, Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Human Health, Demographics/population, Child LabourMeans of Implementation:-Policy research and analysis, management and credit, income-generating projects, education, public awareness, advocacy, lobby and pressure …

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Objetivo:1.Estudiar, profundizar y analizar los colectivos marginados que viven en nuestra sociedad. 2.Atender a dichos grupos marginales tales como toxicómanos, alcohólicos…etc 3.Responder a sus necesidades desde lo más urgente, oportuno y eficaz.

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