Issue Area: Water Pollution

Alhambra Creek Watershed

Established in 1991, Friends of Alhambra Creek is a volunteer group that brings people and Alhambra Creek together to protect the health of the creek and its surrounding community. They have collaborated with other people and agencies to participate in, and carry out, a wide range of projects:- Alhambra Creek …

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All Green Electronics Recycling

All Green Electronics Recycling offers free pick-up and drop-off in the United States for your old computers, televisions, printers, monitors, cell phones and all other outdated electronics.All Green Electronics Recycling is the worldÂ’s most responsible recycler. All Green Electronics Recycling takes unwanted or obsolete electronic equipment and ensures that none …

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Allegheny Mountain Section of the Air & Waste Management Association AMS-AWMA

[imgul:awma.gif:]IntroductionThe Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional organization that provides training, information, and networking opportunities to thousands of environmental professionals in 65 countries.Our Mission:Promoting better understanding of problems in the fields of air and water pollution and waste management and providing a means for exchanging …

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Altamaha Riverkeeper

The Altamaha Riverkeeper aggressively monitors pollution and polluters throughout the watershed through a program of water sampling and analysis. We also monitor land-based activities that impact the health of the river including forestry and agriculture practices, wetlands destruction and development.In addition to the watershed-monitoring program, the Altamaha Riverkeeper responds to …

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American Civil Liberties Union ACLU Northwest (Ohio) Chapter

Mission statementThe mission of the ACLU of Ohio is to aid in maintaining and extending constitutional and other fundamental rights, liberties, privileges, and immunities, and to take all legitimate action in furtherance of that object without political partisanship. ACLU of Ohio — 501(c)(4) and ACLU of Ohio Foundation — 501(c)(3)The …

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