Issue Area: Water Pollution

Anglers Conservation Association ACA

We are a unique organisation which fights pollution and other damage to water environments throughout the UK. Water pollution kills hundreds of thousands of fish each year which has a huge impact on local economies, aquatic wildlife and the enjoyment of angling clubs. Rivers and stillwaters are also under threat …

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Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami Environmental Programs

The Anishinabek of the Gitchi Gami Environmental Programs is a first of its kind in Ontario. It is the first community-based environmental organization incorporated as a not-for-profit in the province.In addition to the website, check out our podcasts and map:

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Antietam Creek Watershed Alliance

The Antietam Creek Watershed Alliance, Inc. (ACWA) is a 501 (c)(3) organization In the USA made up of citizens concerned about our local watershed. The mission of ACWA (pronounced aqua) is to protect and promote Antietam Creek, which flows from branches in Pennsylvania through Washington County, MD into the Potomac River.  Members …

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Ecological wastewater treatment for large-scale applications such as cities and industries.  Based on a biomimetic, engineered natural system, the GO2 Water technology is among the most sustainable wastewater treatment technologies available. Some of the attributes of our advanced pond-based operating systems include:  no sludge accumulation or handling (our oldest installation has operated for …

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Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme AMAP Sweden

AMAP- AMAP is an international organization established in 1991 to implement components of the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy [AEPS]. – Now a programme group of the Arctic Council, AMAP`s current objective is providing reliable and sufficient information on the status of

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ASK Apparel

ASK Apparel started with three sisters asking how they could create beautiful clothing true to their beliefs. Their answer is a line of apparel and accessories made using organic cotton, natural dyes, and traditional hand-crafting techniques.

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Association Aquaverde

Aquaverde is a non-profit Association whose aim is to protect the Rain Forest by sup- porting the Amazon indigenous peoples to “Plant Trees” in the Rain Forest. It has the status of public utility recognized by the Swiss government. Our support is primarily directed towards the local Indian Tribes but …

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Association des entreprises spécialisées en eau du Québec (AESEQ)

L’Association des entreprises spécialisées en eau du Québec (AESEQ) est un organisme à but non lucratif créé en 1964 sous l’autorité de la partie III de la Loi sur les compagnies du Québec en 1964, sous le nom d’Association des puisatiers du Québec (APQ). L’AESEQ est la seule association qui …

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