Issue Area: Precautionary Principle

AIESEC in Sweden

AIESEC,the world`s largest student organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact in society.It is Present in over 800 universities in 89 countries and territories. Our NameAIESEC Formerly an French acronym for Association Internationale desEtudiants en Sciences …

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Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability ANA is a network of more than 30 local, regional and national peace and environmental groups representing the concerns of communities in the shadows of the U.S. nuclear weapons sites and radioactive waste dumps. We have effectively worked to open up the operations of the U.S. …

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Arizona Public Interest Research Group Arizona PIRG

Arizona PIRG is an advocate for the public interest. When consumers are cheated, or our natural environment is threatened, or the voices of ordinary citizens are drowned out by special interest lobbyists, Arizona PIRG speaks up and takes action. We uncover threats to public health and well-being and fight to …

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Asociación Española de Conservación Forestal

La Asociación Española de Conservación Forestal creada en el 2003 con el objetivo principal de defender el medio ambiente, especialmente las áreas forestales, previniendo y controlando los incendios.Ayudar a la conservación de las especies naturales.Fomentar el Voluntariado.Restauración de los ecosistemas naturales.Promover acciones tendientes a fortalecer la cultura ambiental de la …

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Aviation Environment Federation AEF

The Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) is the principal UK non-profit making environmental association concerned with the environmental effects of aviation. These range from aircraft noise issues associated with small airstrips or helipads, to the contribution of airline emissions to climate change.The AEF was established in 1975 and now has over …

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Baku-Ceyhan Campaign

The Baku Ceyhan Campaign is working to raise public awareness of the social problems, human rights abuses and environmental damage that is being caused by the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, which runs through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. In particular, the campaign argues that public money should not be used to subsidise …

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Bay Area Working Group on the Precautionary Principle BAWG

Our MissionThe Bay Area Working Group on the Precautionary Principle is a diverse collaborative of organizations and individuals that promotes and implements precautionary action to protect health and the environment. We create fundamental changes in decision making that build healthier, more just, and sustainable communities Strategic Statement The Bay Area …

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California Environmental Rights Alliance

Vision StatementThe California Environmental Rights Alliance envisions a clean and healthy environment for all Californians.Mission StatementThe California Environmental Rights Alliance is dedicated to achieving environmental justice and improving community health in California.GoalsThe California Environmental Rights Alliance has four primary goals:  (1) Prevent, reduce, and eliminate the release of toxic substances …

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Campaign for Responsible Transplantation [CRT]

The Campaign for Responsible Transplantation [CRT], a 501[c][3] non-profit organization, was launched on January 20, 1998 out of concern over the irresponsible rush to commercialize animal-to-human organ, cell and tissue transplantation [xenotransplantation] using genetically modified pigs, and nonhuman primates. CRT believes that xenotransplantation poses a grave danger to human health …

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