Issue Area: Global Governance

ASSOCENE – Associação de Orientação as Cooperativas do Nordeste

A ASSOCENE, em sua trajetória de 30 anos, vem concebendo e construindo uma estratégia de apoio ao desenvolvimento na região Nordeste baseada em um amplo processo de qualificação profissional e de aprendizagens de cooperação no cenário do desenvolvimento rural.Sua inserção, nesse contexto, tem como fio condutor uma abordagem metodológica que …

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Association for One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel

The Association is a non-governmental organization incorporated according to the Swiss association law. Its headquarters is located in Geneva , Switzerland . Membership is open to all nationalities provided a candidate for membership accepts the principle of one democratic state in Palestine/Israel. We are Palestinians who have been continuously acting …

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ATTAC Germany

Attac – eine Bewegung mit ZukunftAttac – die französische Abkürzung für “Vereinigung zur Besteuerung von Finanztransaktionen im Interesse der BürgerInnen” – wurde 1998 in Frankreich gegründet. Lag der ursprüngliche Fokus von Attac in dem Eintreten für eine demokratische Kontrolle der internationalen Finanzmärkte und der Einführung der Tobin-Steuer, so haben wir …

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Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication

 Another Type of World is Still Possible Through Another Type of Communication, OF COURSE !!!WHO WE ARE!BNNRC is a national networking body on alternative mass media and working for building a democratic society based on the principles of free flow of information, equitable & affordable access to Information & Communication …

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Be the Change

Our Purpose:- To get the right people talking about the right issues – To cross fertilise ideas and experience – To change the way we think about issues that are not being solved at the current level of thinking – To explore the means of achieving effective systems change – …

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