Issue Area: Pollution Remediation


Antiplastic-campaign-tamilnadu is a group of NGOs and individuals from Tamilnadu, who realize the hazards of plastics to the environment. We as a group are actively working towards saving our environment and utimetly us from plastics – its production, use and final disposal.

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ANUKAMPA Charitable Trust

ANUKAMPA Charitable Trust (ACT) is a non-for-profit, registered charitable trust. It’s main goal is true and total development of the country through education / health and rural development. The vision statement of the organisation is Let’s Build Our Nation”

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Asociación Pugliese

Biodiversidad. Conservación. Areas Naturales Protegidas. Recursos Naturales Renovables. Manejo. Suelo. Actividades Productivas. Tecnología. Sustentabilidad. Energía. Desarrollo Sustentable. Contaminación. Residuos. Impacto Ambiental. Legislación. Salud.

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Association ALJISI pour le développement local

Thematic areas:- Agriculture- Soil erosion and restoration- Forest fires- Sustainable use of resources- Desertification- Pollution- Wildlife conservation- Biodiversity- Freshwater and wetlands Type of activities: – Capacity Building- Community work and gender issues- Environmental education- Campaigning and awareness raising

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Association des amis du mont chenoua

Thematic areas:- Sea, coast and fisheries- Agriculture- Soil erosion and restoration- Forest fires- Desertification- Pollution- Tourism- Industry, energy and green technologies Type of activities: – Management of natural areas- Environmental education- Media work- Audiovisual production

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