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We, the members of AEGEE…realizing that the European Youth is building the future of our Continent, aspiring to a peaceful Europe free of obstacles and enmities, of false divisions and forced differences, resolve to remove barriers between the peoples of Europe, determined to contribute to a Europe of co-operation and …

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Africa Contact AK Denmark

– a movement for solidarity with AfricaAfrikaKontakt (AK) was founded in 1978 by a number of Danish politicalparties, trade unions and organizations to unite efforts againstcolonialism and suppression in the countries of Southern Africa. Withthe liberation of Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe our work increasinglybroadened our focus to include the fight …

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Africa Tour

AFRICATOUR est une association de tourisme solidaire écologiste basée au cameroun ,organisateur de circuits touristiques loin des sentiers battus près des populations au contact des réalités dans le respect de l’environnement et des populations visitées ,une immersion totale dans une zone rurale .

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African Centre for Technology Studies ACTS

Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of African countries and institutions to harness science and technology for sustainable developmentOur vission is better living standards for all in Africa through harnessing science and technology for sustainable developmentACTS OBJECTIVESThe specific objectives of the Centre are to: undertake policy research on issues …

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African Institute for Agrarian Studies [AIAS]

Objectives To promote policy research in agrarian studies throughout Africa To stimulate and facilitate dialogue and public debate on African agrarian studies To train researchers graduate students, policy analysts and activists in agrarian issues Mission Statement The mission of the AIAS is to provide objective policy analysis on agrarian issues …

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Ag Futures Alliance AFA

Ag Futures Alliances (AFA) are citizen collaborations of farmers, food system activists, environmentalists, health and social justice advocates who come together to find ways to make their local food system more sustainable. AFA’s are organized as leaderful roundtables, where all members contribute to a growing understanding of what is deeply …

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Ag Innovations Network

Ag Innovations Network is part of the sustainable agriculture movement. For the past 7 years we have worked with farmers, ranchers, farm labor advocates and environmentalists to devise strategies that support healthy farms and a healthy environment. We focus primarily on creating leadership consensus, community support, and public policies that …

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AgBioWorld Foundation

AgBioWorld- The AgBioWorld Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are principally a volunteer-driven organization that receives the vast majority of our small operating budget from individual contributions. Our volunteers and financial supporters are principally comprised of academics, independent scientists, and non-profit researchers. To date, we have received no …

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