Issue Area: Agricultural Policy

Agence Intrenationale pour le Developpement

The Federation aims at easing the dialogue and the exchange of information and experiences between its members and at supporting the development and reinforcement of NGOs holding the same ambitions, striving to unite under common actions and positions. Considering that its activities have the common goal of improving the social …

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Agribusiness Accountability Initiative AAI

The Agribusiness Accountability Initiative is an evolving global network of people challenging corporate control of the food system.For at least three decades since the ground-breaking work of Al Krebs, Jim Hightower and other pioneers of the original Agribusiness Accountability Project, the dangers of monopoly power in the food system have …

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Agricultural Conservation Innovation Center

Most farmers are concerned about excessive use of fertilizer, soil run-off and green house gas emissions from farms as threats to our nation’s water, air and wildlife—but some fear they are putting their yields and income at risk if conservation farming practices are adopted to reduce those threats. AFT’s Agricultural …

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Agricultural Cooperative Development International ACDI / VOCA

The name ACDI/VOCA dates back to the 1997 merger of Agricultural Cooperative Development International and Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance. Both were U.S. nonprofit economic development organizations working largely in agriculture. The merger achieved new economies of scale and blended the complementary strengths of ACDI’s long-term development approaches and VOCA’s …

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Agricultural Development Programme Mbozi Trust Fund

ADP MBOZI TRUST FUND started in 1986 and was registered as a non-profit making NGO in 1995. It operates in Mbozi district of Tanzania where it is involved in training farmers in basic and efficient agriculture. It also carries out capacity building to farmer groups and supports women income-generating projects …

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Agricultural Network Information Center

AgNIC is the Agriculture Network Information Center – a voluntary alliance and partnership of nearly 60 member institutions and organizations working to offer quick and reliable access to quality agricultural information and sources. AgNIC is supported, in part, by the USDA’s National Agricultural Library (NAL) through provision of the AgNIC …

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Agricultural Resources Conservation and Development ENRAP

ENRAPENRAP (Knowledge Networking for Rural Development in Asia/Pacific Region), an IFAD-IDRC collaboration, leverages a growing body of useful information generated by development projects and made available o­n the Internet. The program, now in its second phase and running until the end of 2005, is designed to bring the benefits of …

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Agriculture Cooperative Development International ACDI / VOCA Ecuador

Cocoa production in Ecuador has been on the decline in recent years due to disease and poorly maintained and aging trees. The quality of cocoa has also been affected due to inadequate post-harvest processes. Furthermore, the cocoa marketing chain is hampered by a lack of support mechanisms for small producers. …

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Agriculture Development Organisation ADO

ADO is a registered (with Ministry of Development and Economic Planning, Sierra Leone) NGO established in 1998 to support local efforts to reconstruct community and individual food production systems, institutions and infrastructure.The goal is to create the conditions that can contribute to agricultural development and improvement of the circumstances of …

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