Issue Area: Coastal and Marine Law and Policy

Associació Nereo, Preservador del Medi Ambient

Associació Nereo, Preservador del Medi Ambient, és una ONG sense ànim de lucre que va néixer l’any 1990 amb el propòsit de preservar, divulgar i estudiar el medi ambient.El nostre primer projecte va ser crear el Centre d’Estudis del Mar (CEM). Situats al cor de la Costa Brava, a Begur, …

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Bird Island Preservation Society

Working toward the preservation of Bird Island, a pristine, privately owned barrier island. Raises funds and grassroots support toward the goal of state ownership and preservation of the island. Publishes a newsletter.

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Carteret County Crossroads

Produces educational materials and conducts lobbying and public education on coastal environmental issues, with emphasis on water quality, wetlands, and land use. Publishes a quarterly newsletter.Carteret County Crossroads is an all-volunteer local environmental protection and education group.

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Cedam International

[imgur:med_cedamwhole.jpg:]CEDAM International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the understanding, protection and preservation of the world’s marine resources. Through our expeditions, CEDAM International volunteer divers actively participate in scientific research and conservation-oriented educationprojects. The results of our findings and efforts are disseminated to both the scientific and lay communities.

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Coastal Area Resource Development and Management Association

Area of focus:  Environment education & livelihood issues in coastal areasActivities with respect to Science & Technology Education:  Science education to children/youth, spread of scientific temperActivities with respect to environment education:  Natural Resource Management, Pollution, Energy, Biodiversity, Urban Issues, Environmental Legislation, Agriculture and Related Issues.  Developed Country’s Environmental Guidelines and  …

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