Issue Area: Land Use Policy

10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania

We are committed to achieving the following objectives: *Revitalize existing communities and business districts *Strengthen local, regional, and Commonwealth land use planning and *consistency of implementation through legislation, education, and incentives *Encourage future development near existing infrastructure *Reduce traffic congestion and air and water pollution *Provide housing for people of …

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1000 Friends of Wisconsin

1000 Friends of Wisconsin was created in 1996 to protect and enhance Wisconsin¬ís urban and rural landscapes by providing citizens with the inspiration, information and tools they need to effectively participate in the decisions that have the greatest impact on community health: where we live, work, learn, play and how …

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20/20 Vision – British Columbia

20/20 Vision BC is a non-profit society committed to enabling concerned individuals to join others in influencing policy makers, in a spirit of goodwill, to protect our environment and enhance peace.20/20 Vision Subscribers Have Contributed to the Following Successes:Blocking construction of the Sumas energy 2 Power Plant [2004]Preserving Burn`s Bog …

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Academy of Ecology Foundation

Organisation of applied seminars on biology, the environment and biotechnology with teachers.Priorities of work:agriculture/pesticidesbiodiversityenvironmental educationenvironmental impact assessmentenvironmental policy makingforestrynature protectionpublicationssustainable agricultureActivities:advisory servicesconferences, meetingseducationinformation disseminationlobbying/campaigningmonitoringpublic meetingspublishingresearchtraining

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Adirondack Mountain Club ADK Onondaga Chapter

The members of the Adirondack Mountain Club share an appreciation of the value of our wild lands and waters; a commitment to their protection and to using them responsibly; and a conviction that the lands of the Forest Preserve should be allowed to respond to natural influences with minimum interference …

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Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program

The Adirondack Park in upstate New York includes six million acres of public and private land incorporating large diverse landscapes, intact ecosystems, and high quality natural communities. However, these fragile interconnections of landscape, water, and the organisms they support are now threatened by the deleterious effects of invasive, non-native plants …

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Advocates for Prattsburgh

Nestled between Keuka and Canandaigua Lakes, Prattsburgh, NY is an idyllic township of hills, woods and farms. Located in Steuben County, the beauty of the region has attracted many individuals from surrounding cities who have purchased and built homes and retreats in the valleys and hilltops throughout Prattsburgh. Approximately thirty-five …

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African Institute for Agrarian Studies [AIAS]

Objectives To promote policy research in agrarian studies throughout Africa To stimulate and facilitate dialogue and public debate on African agrarian studies To train researchers graduate students, policy analysts and activists in agrarian issues Mission Statement The mission of the AIAS is to provide objective policy analysis on agrarian issues …

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