Issue Area: Land Use Policy

African Mountain Forum AMF

African Mountain Forum (AMF) is a pan-African network of networks focusing on issues related to poverty and land use change, particularly those associated with the degradation of the mountain eco-system. An interim Steering Committee administers the functioning and coordination of African Mountain Forum through a secretariat hosted by the World …

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Ag Futures Alliance AFA

Ag Futures Alliances (AFA) are citizen collaborations of farmers, food system activists, environmentalists, health and social justice advocates who come together to find ways to make their local food system more sustainable. AFA’s are organized as leaderful roundtables, where all members contribute to a growing understanding of what is deeply …

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Agricultural and Community Trust ACT

ACT is a private, non-profit organization working to conserve land and resources. Landowners may work with ACT when they wish to permanently protect the ecological, agricultural, scenic, or historic qualities of their land.ACT provides many services to the landowner. ACT helps choose a strategy that meets the landowner’s conservation and …

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Agua Fria Open Space Alliance, Inc.

AFOSA is concerned with open space preservation in central Arizona.  Every aspect of open space in the region is under pressure from developers anxious to convert the natural landscape into roads and residences.  AFOSA is concentrating its efforts on encouraging wildlife conservation with information provided in its

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AIESEC in Singapore

AIESEC,the world`s largest student organization, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact in society.It is Present in over 800 universities in 89 countries and territories. Our NameAIESEC Formerly an French acronym for Association Internationale desEtudiants en Sciences …

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Aiken Land Conservancy

The Aiken Land Conservancy, formerly the Aiken County Open Land Trust, preserves land through land donations and conservation easements from landowners. ALC directly owns approximately 548 acres, which have been donated by landowners dedicated to the preservation of open space. The rest of the acreage preserved by ALC has come from conservation …

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Alabama Land Trust

The Alabama Land Trust is a state-wide organization working with landowners to help protect their land. The Alabama Land Trust was formed in 1994 by citizens concerned about rapid, sprawling development and the dramatic loss of farm and forest land in the area. The Alabama Land Trust focuses on assisting …

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Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Aldo Leopold advocated a harmonious relationship between humans and the other natural members of the earth as a way to achieve land health. When we extend our thinking beyond humans to include soil, water, plants, and other animals, we develop a personal land ethic where we are more likely to …

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