Issue Area: Land Use Policy

Wood-Land-Lakes Resource Conservation and Development, Inc. (WLL)

MISSIONVolunteers working together for responsible stewardship of our natural resources. VISIONOur vision is that awareness, education and wise use will conserve and improve the future quality of our air, water, land, woods, plants and wildlife. The combined efforts of volunteers and community support will serve as a catalyst to provide …

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World Agroforestry Centre ICRAF South East Asia

The mission of Southeast Asia regional programme is to reduce poverty and sustain the natural resource base in the uplands of Southeast Asia through improved agroforestry systems.Major themes- National policy constraints to agroforestry and upland resource management- Management of landscape-level impacts of land-use change- Rehabilitation and improved utilization of degraded …

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World Conservation Union IUCN South Africa

The strategic plan for IUCN-SA sets out the following key objectives for its secretariat, members and partners:To promote the conservation of biological diversity through the sustainable use of natural resources, To develop the capacity to facilitate the resolution of resource-based conflicts and to advocate for policy changes, To promote a …

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World Wide Organization for Relation & Link Development Nepal

World Nepal is non profit, politically non-aligned NGO which was founded in 1992. It focuses on helping the poor and backward communities of Nepal with a special emphasis on human rights, education, women and children. World Nepal is committed in supporting self-reliant and sustainable development through its strenuous efforts to …

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Yalakom Ecological Society YES

A non-profit society promoting consensus-based community decision-making and careful stewardship in all relations to the land, its diverse inhabitants and natural processes. PurposeTo protect and restore ecological diversity in the Yalakom River Valley and the local bioregion. To promote recognition, respect and reconciliation in regards to aboriginal title in Canada.ActivitiesEcosystem-based …

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Yayasan Citra Mandiri YCM

This organisation was founded as a reaction to the many forms of pressures and oppression (physical, social and cultural) placed upon the people of Mentawai Island over a long period of time. YCM emerged to defend the indigenous rights of the Mentawai people which had been taken away by companies …

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Yayasan Dialog Pembangunan Teluk Bintuni YDPTB

YDPTB was formed out of concern for the environment (the forest of Balau) in Teluk Bintuni and issues of indigenous land rights, in particular in response to the appearance of companies operating in areas of indigenous community ownership in Teluk Bintuni. Against this background, the organisation was established by Father …

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Zambia Land Alliance, ZLA

Mission:Description of partner:With 752614 square kilometres of land and only 10 million inhabitants it is not lack of land which is the major problem in Zambia. The problem is lack of access to and control over the land – especially for the poor people. The current land policies in Zambia …

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ZERO Regional Environment Organisation

ZERO Regional Environment Organisation, is the premier research, planning and Implementation agency operating in the Southern African region since 1987. Objectives * Rural Community Needs To assist in developing the capacities of rural communities to influence policies for effective land-based resource management in a gender sensitive context. * Policy Advocacy, …

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