Issue Area: Law and Policy Reform

121 Haven

Mission / ObjectivesEducating on abuse prevention & assistance with protection to stop abuse in all its forms.Key areas of workService delivery: counseling, legal advice, shelter/refuge, referrals, etc.Prevention at the community-level: community education, mobilization, awareness raising, etc.Law reform or enforcementAdvocacy

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9to5 Atlanta

9to5 is a national grassroots membership organization that strengthens women’s ability to work for economic justice. 9to5 accomplishes its mission by building local networks and chapters, by working for corporate and public policy change, and by providing information, support, and resources to women experiencing discrimination, harassment and oppression.

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A Just Australia

A Just Australia is the public education and advocacy wing of the Refugee Council of Australia. The core mission of A Just Australia is to campaign for positive changes to government policy on refugee and asylum seekers. By working together with prominent Australians and community groups and thousands of concerned …

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AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund LAF

The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund provides funding and a support system for women seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination.The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund, a program of the AAUW Educational Foundation, is the nation’s largest legal fund focused solely on sex discrimination in higher education. Since 1981 the AAUW Legal Advocacy …

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ABA Commission on Immigration Policy, Practice and Pro Bono

The Commission on Immigration Policy, Practice and Pro Bono directsAssociation efforts to ensure fair and unbiased treatment, and full due process rights, for immigrants and refugees within the United States. Acting in coordination with other Association entities, as well as governmental and non-governmental bodies, the Commission:1. Advocates for appropriate statutory …

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Abolitionist Action Committee AAC

The Abolitionist Action Committee is an ad-hoc group of individuals committed to highly visible and effective public education for alternatives to the death penalty through non-violent direct action.

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Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement ALRM

The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement Inc (ALRM) exists to get social justice for Aboriginal people and their communities. The Movement began in 1971 and was incorporated in 1973.ALRM is a non-profit organisation. We provide a legal service to Aboriginal people and their communities.ALRM works to keep law and justice systems …

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Abortion Rights

Abortion Rights is a campaigning organisation formed by the merger of the National Abortion Campaign (NAC) and the Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA).Both these organisations have a long history in campaigning for law reform and the provision of easily accessible, woman friendly, NHS funded abortion services.NAC and ALRA came together …

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