Issue Area: Environmental Law and Policy

Zambia Research Foundation ZRF

The Zambia Research Foundation (ZRF) is a Non-Governmental and Non-for-profit Organization registered under the Societies Act, Chapter 105 of the Laws of Zambia.The Foundation was registered on 7th August, 1987 as a non-partisan organization that offers a forum and medium for social action to the Zambia public on issues of …

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Zdru`enie Prespa

Priorities of work: >..environmental education>..environmental policy making>..nature protection>..public participation>..publications>..sustainable agriculture>..tourism/sustainable, eco tourism>..waste management>..water managementActivities: >..awareness raising campaigns>..conferences, meetings>..information dissemination>..lobbying, campaigning>..publishing

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Zelena Akcija FoE Croatia

The Green Action, naturally, supported the protest, because we think that it is our duty to support anti-war ideas and human rights that fit in the wider definition of our mission- environmental protection and sustainable development. The Genetically Modified Organisms – food and crops – yet again marked the events …

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Zelena Istra

Priorities of work:- biodiversity- environmental education- environmental legislation- nature protection- public participationActivities:- awareness raising campaigns- cleaning actions, camps- education

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Zeleny Svit ZS

Zeleny Svit was founded by a group of Kyiv writers and artists in December 1987 and established as a national organisation at its first Congress in October 1989. The organization has published the newspaper Zeleny Svit since 1990, and joined forces with Friends of the Earth International in 1991 as …

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