Issue Area: Property Rights

Forum for Legal Aid

Forum for Legal Aid is a NGO, formed by a group of young, enthusiastic and dedicated social workers. The aims of this organization is to work for the betterment and upliftment of social conditions of the poor and neglected section of our society, especially women, who have always been the …

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Foundation for P2P Alternatives

The P2P Foundation researches, documents and promotes peer to peer alternatives in all domains of social life, focusing on the emergence of peer production, peer governance, and peer property as new modes of value creation, and on the emergence of the open and free, participatory, and commons oriented paradigms.

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Freetimea >> Isonomea

This organization is intended to be the seed from which sprouts a new kind of social system, that contains within it no concentrations of Power Over Others”.An introduction to the “recursive proposing game” that members of the organization will be playing at the beginning can be found at: Introduction to …

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Henry George School San Francisco

The Henry George School of Social Science (HGS), is a 501 c (3) non profit established in San Francisco in 1950. The HGS mission is to educate the public in the principles of political economy with special reference to the thought of Henry George.Who was Henry George? A 19th Century …

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Housing Unlimited, Inc. HUI

The mission of Housing Unlimited Inc. (HUI), a nonprofit,501(c)(3) affordable housing corporation, is to address the housing crisis for adults with psychiatric disabilities who reside in Montgomery County, Maryland. HUI:- provides affordable, permanent housing opportunities- empowers people to live independently- helps people move from substandard housing- helps people move from …

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