Issue Area: Biodiversity Conservation

Abaana-African children

Abaana is a charity run by volunteers, along with three full time workers, for the benefit of less privileged people in Africa. The word Abaana” comes from a language found in the country of Uganda (East Africa) and means “children”. Most of our work is geared towards children in Africa

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Abarra Taldea

¿Quienes Somos?Origen del grupoEste grupo de trabajo nace en el otoño del año 2003 en base a la preocupación del retroceso continuo de la biodiversidad y del escaso aprovechamiento de los restos orgánicos que contribuye a ese retroceso. Desde ese momento el grupo se especializó en el estudio del aprovechamiento …

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Aberdeen Friends of the Earth

AFoE is a local group of Friends of the Earth (Scotland). We join in with national campaigns such as the Campaign for Environmental Justice, but, in keeping with Friends of the Earth’s basic concept of Think Globally, Act Locally, most of our work is on subjects directly linked to the …

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ABO-BirdLife Burundi

Promoting natural and biodiversity conservation in Burundi by focusing on Birds.Birds are beautiful, inspirational and international. Birds are excellent flagships and vital environmental indicators.By focusing on birds, and the sites and habitats on which they depend, theBirdLife Partnership is working to improve the quality of life for birds,for other wildlife …

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Abundant Edible Landscapes

Imagine stepping out your door with a basket and leisurely strollingaround your yard, all the while harvesting enough ingredients to make awhole meal upon your return to the kitchen.  From your edible landscapeyou pick a few vine ripened heirloom tomatoes, dig up some sweetpotatoes and a ginger root or two, …

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Abundant Life Seed Foundation ALSF

Abundant Life Seed Foundation is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Washington whose purposes are to preserve genetic diversity and support sustainable agriculture through acquiring, propagating and preserving native and naturalized seed, with specific emphasis on those species not commercially available, including rare and endangered species; providing information on …

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Academic Environemntal Center SOZOLOG

Our Priorities of work: —> air quality/air pollution—> animal protection/wildlife—> biodiversity—> environmental education—> environmental legislation—> nature protection—> tourism/sustainable/eco tourism—> waste management—> water management

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Academy for Mountain Environics AME

The Academy for Mountain Environics, the research arm of the BCIL, was founded over a decade ago with the basic objective of guiding people on simple, user-friendly systems for harnessing energy and water. The focus is on maintaining the tenuous harmony between the 5 ja’s that bind the planet — …

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Academy of Ecology Foundation

Organisation of applied seminars on biology, the environment and biotechnology with teachers.Priorities of work:agriculture/pesticidesbiodiversityenvironmental educationenvironmental impact assessmentenvironmental policy makingforestrynature protectionpublicationssustainable agricultureActivities:advisory servicesconferences, meetingseducationinformation disseminationlobbying/campaigningmonitoringpublic meetingspublishingresearchtraining

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