Issue Area: Biodiversity Conservation

Young Researchers of Banja Luka (YRBL/MIBL)

Our Priorities of work: 1) biodiversity2) environmental education3) environmental policy making4) energy5) nature protection6) public participation7) tourism/sustainable/eco tourism8) water management Activities: awareness raising campaigns, education, information disseminationlobbying, campaigning, networking, research.

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Young Researchers of Zajecar

Priorities of work: 1) animal protection/wildlife 2) biodiversity 3) energy 4) tourism/sustainable/eco tourism 5) water managementActivities: advisory services, awareness raising campaigns, information dissemination, lobbying/campaigning

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Youth Association for Human Development and Environment Protection

Mission : our organization has a mision to protect the environment, to educate and to make sensitive the population about the actions of destruction.Activities: green cities: tools for community action, communities and climate change: tools for action, biodiversity : tools for action, green garden project, youth vision, green works.

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Youth Consultation Service New Jersey

MissionThe YCS Foundation`s mission is to fill in the gaps left by government funding, so that YCS can continue to be innovative in the ways we serve children. The Foundation can fund a programming idea before government sources realize the need, grow YCS programming outside of traditional” problem-focused programs and …

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Youth EcoCenter YEC

YEC sensitizes the local population to the Convention process through local meetings and through the publication of a bulletin. Offers a library service of Convention materials and national plan activities in Central Asia. Works with local communities in the Aini region on projects to save biodiversity.

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Youth Environmental Club Pearl, Korca

Priorities of work: – biodiversity- climate change- environmental education- forestry- nature protectionActivities: – awareness raising campaigns- cleaning actions, camps- conferences, meetings- education- information dissemination- public meetings- training

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Youth Environmental Organization – RHODOPE (MEO-Rodopi/YEO-Rhodope)

Main mission: protection of the unique biodiversity of the Rhodope mountains and sustainable development; main activities: research on biodiversity; eco-education of youthPriorities of work: 1) animal protection/wildlife 2) biodiversity 3) environmental education 4) forestry 5) nature protection 6) public participation 7) tourism/sustainable/eco tourismActivities: advisory services, awareness raising campaigns, cleaning actions, …

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Youth Food Movement

The Youth Food Movement is a network of young farmers, cooks, artisans, activists and students that are actively changing the future of food and farming. With the goal of bringing more food that is good, clean and fair to their communities, they realigning local and regional food systems with the …

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