Issue Area: Cetaceans

Acoustic Ecology Institute

The Acoustic Ecology Institute works to increase personal and social awareness of our sound environment, through education programs in schools, regional events, and our internationally recognized website,, a comprehensive clearinghouse for information on sound-related environmental issues and scientific research. Our key activities and resources (all available free online) include:–News …

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Adriatic Dolphin Project

Blue World’s Adriatic Dolphin Project is one of the longest ongoing research of resident bottlenose dolphin community in the Mediterranean. Except of research, Blue World conducts education and conservation actions on the island of Lošinj, where it is based, and throughout Croatia.

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Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums

The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums is an international association representing marine life parks, aquariums, zoos, research facilities, and professional organizations dedicated to the highest standards of care for marine mammals and to their conservation in the wild through public education, scientific study, and wildlife presentations.The Alliance is …

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American Cetacean Society [ACS]

The American Cetacean Society protects whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their habitats through public education, research grants, and conservation actions.what we do…Our website statistics show that the free educational resources we offer are reaching a growing global community of conservation-minded students, teachers and members of the public who depend on ACS …

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Andrew Shu

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Ascension Conservation

The Ascension Island Conservation organisation was set up in 2001 to protect and preserve the unique and wonderful natural and made made history of the Island.Ascension Island is home to 15 breeding bird species.Eleven of these are native seabirds, while the remaining four are introduced landbirds. Two endemic species, a …

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Asociación Delphis

Somos una ONG fundada en el año 2004 y primera asociacion de Tarragona y Catalunya que trabajamos en la investigación, divulgación y conservación de mamiferos marinos y el cuidado y estudio de su ecosistema. Es nuestro objetivo ofrecer información, actividades y oportunidades educativas que faciliten el aprendizaje, el interés por …

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Associazione Ambientalistica Marevivo

L`ASSOCIAZIONEUn gruppo di persone, unite dalla comune passione per il mare, decideva nel 1985 di fondare MAREVIVO e di dedicare volontariamente una parte significativa del proprio tempo per promuovere e realizzare interventi in favore della difesa del mare.Inquinamento, trasporto di sostanze pericolose via mare, stragi di cetacei, metodi di pesca …

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