Issue Area: Coral Reef Conservation

Bonaire National Marine Park

Bonaire has always been very proactive when it comes to environmental issues and positively outspoken when it comes to its own marine environment. Whilst most other places world wide were still nailing their turtle shells to the wall and slurping their turtle soup, in 1961 Bonaire was already enacting legislation …

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Bridge the Gap Villages

We are a sustainable community development and tourismmanagement company that creates economically sustainable eco-community tourism projects in under developed areas with an initial interest in under-developed Northern Fiji that promotes creaeconomic andenvironmental sustainability and cultural preservation through on-going business education and mentorship of the indigenous people in an effort to empower …

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Buccoo Reef Trust

The Buccoo Reef Trust is a non-profit organisation, registered in Trinidad and Tobago and the USA that was specifically created to assist in addressing the threats facing Tobago’s marine environment and to explore opportunities for the sustainable development of marine tourism, fishing and aquaculture in the Caribbean region as a …

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Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel BEST

BEST’s objective is to serve as a leading source of knowledge on innovative travel and tourism practices that advance business, community and travellers’ interests and which also support the economic and social sustainability of destinations.BEST’s major areas of activity are education programs, a showcase of case studies and a resource …

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• Cafiesencia is aneducational  non-profit organization orNGO founded in 2008 and duly registered with the Department of State of theCommonwealth of Puerto Rico under the name of Cafi Cultura Puertorriqueña, Inc.• Mission of theorganization – to promote and advocate for a holistic sustainable approach tothe coffee zone , its neighboring …

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Canadian Ocean Habitat Protection Society COHPS

CANADIAN OCEAN HABITAT PROTECTION SOCIETY EXPLORING, NDERSTANDING, PROTECTING AND RESTORING CANADA’S INCREDIBLE NORTHERN CORAL FORESTS & THOSE FISHERIES THAT CAN COEXIST WITH THEM.The Canadian Ocean Habitat Protection Society has been working to educate Nova Scotians about our deep sea coral.The coral story is a story with many strands: fishing, conservation, …

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Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism CAST

To enhance the practices of the region’s hotel and tourism operators by providing high quality education and training related to sustainable tourism; promoting the industry’s efforts and successes to the traveling public and other stakeholders; and serving as a vital link to all stakeholders with sustainable tourism interests in the …

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