Issue Area: Deserts and Semi-deserts

Action for Greening Sahel AGS

OBJECTIVES:- To improve the people’s standard of living, environment protection and restoration of the ecosystem in Sahel area in Africa, through the prevention of desertification, and the promotion of food supply self-sufficiencyOVERSEAS ACTIVITIES:- The growing and distribution of seedlings, vegetable and grains, the provision of nursing advice and the installation …

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Adarsha Seva Sangathana ASS

Active in awareness-raising and capacity-building for sustainable management of natural resources to combat desertification. Promotes forest conservation and biodiversity. Contributes towards sustainable livelihoods of rural and tribal communities through indigenous technology and natural resource management. Manages a rural nursery unit that supplies plants to local farmers in Bhuban.

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Agriculture Man and Ecology, AME

AME is centred in Bangalore with a focus on rainfed areas of the Deccan plateau aiming to analyse, develop and promote sustainable agriculture and ecological farming in relation to land use and livelihood choices; supports and guides local networks of farmers community, voluntary and government organisations with the assistance of …

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Aide au Sahel AAS

Aide au Sahel (AAS) assists in the construction of dykes and wells in an effort to combat erosion. Collaborates with other NGOs and the Government on reforestation projects and regeneration of wetlands.

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Aigua Per Al Sahel

Objetivo:ONG catalana. Centra su esfuerzo en la construcción de pozos en Burkina Faso, país incluído en la desértica del Sahel. Colabora con organizaciones locales del país, realiza cursos de formación en Burkina Faso y campañas de sensibilización en Cataluña

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Alliance Niger – Nature

organizes information and awareness campaigns on the effects of desertification; carries out reforestation projects through the construction of tree plantations and awareness-raising seminars; supports the development of natural areas with management and supervision programmes; and establishes partnerships with other national and local NGOs.

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Andrew Shu

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Antelope Valley Trails, Recreation and Environmental Council AVTREC

AVTREC is the acronym for Antelope Valley Trails, Recreation & Environmental Council. In 1980 a few trail advocates began drafting a Master Trails Plan for the Antelope Valley which would tie into the Pacific Crest Trail. It soon became apparent to this group that there were opportunities to preserve the …

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