Issue Area: Domesticated Animal Diversity

Ahimsa Rescue Foundation ARF

[imgul:arfteal.jpg:][imgul:ahimsa_logo_bw_l.jpg:]IntroductionAhimsa Rescue Foundation envisions a world in which people meet the physical and emotional needs of domestic animals and change their interaction with animals evolving from exploitation and harm to respect and compassion.Ahimsa Rescue Foundation is an all volunteer organization that rescues needy animals and adopts them to loving homes. …

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Andrew Shu

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Animal Advocates

Animal Advocates is a non-profit animal rescue and education organization. We are located in the Los Angeles County area but serve most of California and some parts of the United States through our network of sister rescue organizations. We work with local city and private animal shelters, schools, private groups …

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Animal Compassion Foundation ACF

[imgul:top.jpg:]Mission: The Animal Compassion Foundation serves as a dynamic hub for ranchers, meat producers and researchers to learn and share practices and methodologies that support the animals’ physical needs, behaviors and well-being by incorporating wisdom from the past, enhanced by present and future innovations.Vision: The quest for cheap food has …

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Animal Compassion Network ACN

[imgul:tn_acn.jpg:]AboutAnimal Compassion Network is the largest no-kill, non-profit animal rescue organization located in Western North Carolina. Through the hard work of its volunteers and foster homes, ACN has found loving, permanent homes for more than 4000 cats and dogs since 1999.MissionAn important part of our mission is to provide an …

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Animal Health for the Environment and Development AHEAD South Africa

AHEAD PurposeTo foster a sharing of ideas among African practitioners and development professionals that will lead to concrete and creative initiatives that address conservation and development challenges related to health at the livestock/wildlife/human interface. The focus of presentations will be ongoing efforts and future needs in and around the region’s …

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Animal Refuge Kansai ARK

ARK is a non-profit, non-governmental private organization with the aim of forming a network of people who love animals, believe in sharing their lives with them, and who work actively to rescue them from suffering. ARK was established in 1990 and became officially recognized as an NPO(Non-Profit Organization) in September …

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