Issue Area: Domesticated Animal Diversity

Naranganam Rural Development Society

Mission NRDS works towards the overall development of society. It conducts research and runs programmes on housing, goat rearing, low cost sanitation and womens empowerment. It works towards integrated rural development promoting self-sustainability.This source of information is from””

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North Yorkshire Smallholders Society

The Society was founded in 1999 to meet the needs of smallholders throughout the northeast of England. Our membership now extends from Lincolnshire in the south to County Durham in the North.If you keep sheep, pigs, hens or horses, grow vegetables or any other small farming activity then this could …

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Ottawa Amphibian and Reptile Association

OARA is a club of reptile and amphibian enthusiasts. Our membership includes passionate pet keepers and dedicated field naturalists, and ranges from beginners to serious reptile breeders and professional herpetologists. Since 1983 our members have volunteered for research and conservation projects and set up educational displays. Our public displays have …

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PermaCape is a group of people dedicated to bringing permaculture practices to Cape Girardeau. Our tactics include teaching, building, and landscape design. Adopting the ideas of permaculture can help Cape remake itself so that we spend our money and time with our neighbors.  If we do that, we’ll become more …

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Proyecto Malix

 Rescate Malix es una asociacióncivil sin fines de lucro registrada en Cancún, México. Somosfundadores, staff y voluntarios trabajando para lograr un cambio a estasituación innecesaria.Rescate Malix A.C., is a non profit organization registered in Mexico.We are also a Non Profit 501(c)(3)organization registered in the U.S.Our aim is to help shift …

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Rainforest Foundation Japan RFJ

OBJECTIVES: To promote the importance of protecting rainforests and of human rights activitiesOVERSEAS ACTIVITIES:- Afforestation, protection of wild animals- Literacy education for indigenous children- Agricultural production project

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Rangelands West

The Western Rangelands Partnership delivers quality information, resources, and tools to improve management and ensure sustainability of western rangelands.

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Singapore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The two main objectives of the SPCA are:- to promote kindness to animals and birds- to prevent cruelty to animals and birdsThese objectives we believe can be achieved by:- Educating the general public, students in particular.- Highlighting cruelty in the media and through the SPCA magazines.- Liaising with other animal …

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