Issue Area: Ecotourism

Academy of Human Self-development A.S.

Priorities of work: environmental educationnature protectionpublicationstourism/sustainable/eco tourismActivities: awareness raising campaigns ,cleaning actions, camps , conferences, meetingseducation , public meetings , publishing , training

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Action for Southern Africa ACTSA Scotland

ACTSA Scotland (Action for Southern Africa – successor organisation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement)works in Scotland on issues relating to Southern Africa – the SADC countries. Equal attention to all 13 countries is beyond our capacity so we have a particular interest in a twinning link with Eastern Cape Province of …

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Actions des Peuples et Environnementalistes du Cameroun APECAM

Nous opérons au niveau national et international dans le domaine de la protection de l’environnement (Yaoundé- Cameroun). Nos domaines de compétence sont :- le développement rural ;- le développement durable ;- la conception et la réalisation des projets et microprojets ;- la collecte et la vulgarisation des informations du monde …

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Actively Conserving Marysville Environs ACME

ACME, the local environment group, together with other groups, is supporting a blockade and associated campsite on a new logging road. This road will open pristine new areas for clear felling adjacent a popular State Park.The objectives of the local campaign include:Extend the Yarra Ranges National Park to include the …

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Activity Foundation for Human Resources and Sustainable Development

Priorities of work air quality/air pollutionenvironmental educationenvironmental impact assessmentenvironmental policy makingenergypublic participationtourism/sustainable/eco tourismwaste managementActivities: awareness raising campaigns, conferences, meetings, education, information dissemination, public meetings, research

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Adarsa Asociaciòn de Amiiogos Rio San Antonio

MISSIONOur mission is to generate innovative visions and strategies in public and private decisions, for the sustainable development of the region.MAIN OBJECTIVESTo look after and to tend towards the improvement of the River’senvironmental conditions.To promote sustainable integral planning policies.To carry out research and studies with a tendency to understand theRiver’s …

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Adventures In Communication

A dynamic growing portfolio of artistic endeavours that synergizewith Zero Point” communication wisdom creating “seamless” systems inour world industry

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Advocatus Pro Urbe Foundation

Priorities of work: air quality/air pollution,environmental education,environmental impact assessment, environmental legislation, energy, nature protection,public participation,publications,tourism/sustainable/eco tourism, waste management, water managementActivities: advisory services,cleaning actions, camps,conferences, meetings,information dissemination,lobbying/campaigning,monitoring,public meetings,publishing,research,training

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We, the members of AEGEE…realizing that the European Youth is building the future of our Continent, aspiring to a peaceful Europe free of obstacles and enmities, of false divisions and forced differences, resolve to remove barriers between the peoples of Europe, determined to contribute to a Europe of co-operation and …

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