Issue Area: Ecotourism

African Environmental Film Foundation AEFF

AEFF Goals & Objectives:>..Creating awareness of the direct link between wildlife and increased prosperity>..Publicizing the role of National Parks>..Reducing human/wildlife conflict through education>..Showing how protecting land for wildlife & tourism, also protects other vital resources for the whole region>..Promoting activities that create awareness of the need to conserve biodiversity – …

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African Parks Network

The goals and objectives of our activities are largely the same across all the parks we manage and fall into four categories ­ ecological, social, tourism and financial. Our ultimate goal is to establish well­functioning national parks which are self­sustainable both economically and ecologically.Objective 1 : (ecological) ­ to restore, …

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African Propoor Tourism Development Centre

Main objectivesTo use propoor tourism as a strategic tool to address the various social problems in Kenya such as youth unemployment, gender inequality, poverty, environmental degradation and human-wildlife conflict. The centre also runs programmes that are aimed at reducing the susceptibility of the tourism industry to HIV/AIDS.Specific objectives1. Increase the …

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African Propoor Tourism Development Centre USA

APTDC- Travel in style and contribute to Local Economic Development (LED) in AfricaAfrican Pro-poor Tourism Development Centre (APTDC) is a duly registered charitable organization under Certificate Number OP.218/051/2003/0369/3010 pursuant to and in accordance with section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act of Kenya. The organization seeks to promote the …

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IntroductionWelcome to the Afrikeye website, where you can reads reports on wildlife conservation in Southern Africa. We concentrate in the protection of endangered species and environmentally responsible tourism. With our gallery containing original pictures of safari animals and birds, some endangered species others more common, and information on African wildlife …

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Agricultural Development Foundation

Priorities of work: – public participation- sustainable agriculture- tourism/sustainable/eco tourism Activities: – advisory services- cleaning actions, camps- conferences, meetings- information dissemination- publishing

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Ahahui Mlama i ka Lhaki

Woot ‘Ahahui Mâlama i ka Lôhaki is a non-profit group of Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians devoted to the presevation of native species and ecosystems, and the importance of their relationship to Hawaiian culture. We believe that our culture will be greatly diminished unless we support efforts to conserve native Hawaiian ecosystems …

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Aichelburg Castle Society

Priorities of work: >..environmental education>..nature protection>..tourism, sustainable, eco tourismActivities: >>..information disseminationComments:Projects: restoration of the Aichelburg wood castle – 1999; construction of the foot path Aichelburg” – 2000; restoration of a crucial road in Temny Dul – 2001; restoration of the church cemetery and Aichelburg clan crypt in Horni Marsov”

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