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1egg1world is an initiative which has the goal of raising $1million through ‘trading-up’ starting out with just one egg. Once the million dollars is raised it will be donated to our three favourite Australian grass-roots charities. We chose these charities from the three areas we felt most important – The …

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African Center for Coastal Development

We are non-profit organisation with the following specific objectives:1)Conservation and sustainability of marine resources.2) Protection of coastal environment.3)Assist local communities for training and workshops related to fisheries and protection of marine environment.4)Identify actions needed to enable application measures to protect marine resources from depleting by foreign and local fleets.5)Help promote …

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Against Port Expansion in Delta

APE (Against Port Expansion in Delta) is a group of concerned citizenswho recognize that expansion plans for Deltaport’s container terminalwill see the degradation of the quality of life for thousands of LowerMainland residents; the industrialization of prime agricultural land;and the loss of globally-significant habitat for salmon, migratingbirds and orca whales. …

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AIDS Law Project South Africa [ALP]

ABOUT AIDS LAW PROJECT [ALP] Equality and Justice for All! Every day people living with HIV or AIDS face one problem after another because of discrimination. People struggle to get access to proper medical treatment, school for children and even work. It is difficult to buy a house because it …

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Alabama B.A.S.S. Federation

Purpose or Mission: * Promote the sport of bass fishing * Promote the conservation of bass * Promote habitat improvementSpecific Issues: * Opposing the relocation of water on the Chattahochee River * Supporting the preservation of aquatic vegetation on the Tennessee River * Opposing affluent discharge on the Tennessee and …

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Alameda Creek Alliance ACA

The Alameda Creek Alliance is a volunteer based community watershed group working to restore native steelhead trout to Alameda Creek.The Alameda Creek watershed is the largest drainage in the southern San Francisco Bay region, encompassing almost 700 square miles. The watershed includes remote wildlands along upper Alameda Creek within Sunol …

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Alaska Marine Conservation Council AMCC Homer

People throughout Alaska working to protect the health and diversity of our marine ecosystems.The Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) is a community-based organization of people who care about the health and future of Alaska’s oceans and coastal communities. Our members are fishermen, subsistence harvesters, marine scientists, small business owners and …

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