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Alberta Fish and Game Association AFGA

The Alberta Fish and Game Association is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit charitable organization that advocates the common interests of ethical hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to the responsible stewardship of Alberta¬ís environment. The AFGA is recognized by all levels of government as the official spokesmen for organized hunters and anglers …

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Aldabra Marine Programme AMP

Coral reefs are the planet’s most diverse marine ecosystem, with the highest standing biomass, and the most species of fishes. Coral reefs are crucial to tropical ocean functions and to the human populations utilising the natural resources in these regions. Yet many of these complex ecosystems are threatened by impacts …

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Alliance for the Wild Rockies [Northern Rockies, Canada]

Alliance for the Wild Rockies` non-profit mission is to secure the ecological integrity of the Wild Rockies Bioregion* through citizen empowerment, and the application of conservation biology, sustainable economic models and environmental law.Issues:Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection ActWolves in the Northern RockiesBull TroutGrizzly BearsWildfiresYellowstone Bioprospecting

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Allyn Salmon Enhancement Group

Vision: Continue an on-going healthy, diverse, Salmon population for the North Bay of the future.Mission: The Allyn Salmon Enhancement Group Mission is to enhance Salmon in North Bay streams, improve habitat, and protect/recover indigenous populations of Salmon where they still occur.Goals/Objectives * Encourage membership, volunteer participation, and leadership dedicated to …

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American Elasmobranch Society AES

The American Elasmobranch Society is a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the scientific study of living and fossil sharks, skates, rays, and chimaeras, and the promotion of education, conservation, and wise utilization of natural resources. The Society holds annual meetings and presents research reports of interest to students of …

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American Fisheries Society – Southern Division

objectives are * A. promote the conservation, development, and wise use of the fisheries; * B. promote and evaluate the development and advancement of all branches of fisheries science and practice; * C. gather and disseminate to Society members and the general public scientific, technical, and other information about fisheries …

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American Fisheries Society AFS

The mission of the American Fisheries Society is to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals.About AFSThe American Fisheries Society [AFS], founded in 1870, is the oldest and largest professional society representing fisheries …

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American Fisheries Society AFS Alaska Chapter

The American Fisheries Society (AFS), founded in 1870, is the oldest and largest professional society representing fisheries scientists. AFS promotes scientific research and enlightened management of resources for optimum use and enjoyment by the public. It also encourages a comprehensive education for fisheries scientists and continuing on-the-job training. The AFS …

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American Fisheries Society AFS Arkansas Chapter

The Arkansas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society was formed in 1987 to serve fisheries professionals in the state of Arkansas. The goals of the Chapter are to: Promote the wise management, conservation, and use of the fishery and aquatic resources of Arkansas. Facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information …

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