Issue Area: Forest Ecology and Conservation

WREN Conservation and Wildlife Group

Waltham Forest – Redbridge – Epping Forest – NewhamWildlife conservation, practical work, field trips and outings, social and indoor meetings – around the Wanstead area of east London, in southern Epping Forest and further afield; we don`t just conserve Wrens!! The WREN Conservation Group includes people of all ages from …

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WWF Centroamérica

Como el puente de unión natural entre el Norte y Sur de América, el istmo posee una rica variedad de especies y hábitat. Sin embargo, sufre la explotación ambiental y la ausencia de políticas adecuadas. Dada esta situación, en 1986, WWF estableció un programa en Centroamérica, que está basado en …

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WWF Hungary

WWF started operations in Hungary more than a decade ago. Our conservation activities in Hungary concentrate on forests, rivers, extensive land use, the protection of certain endangered species, and the environmental challenges of joining the European Union.Unsurprisingly our best known field projects are the ones involving endangered spieces, such as …

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WWF New Zealand

WWF New Zealand was established in 1975 as a Charitable Trust. We are part of the global WWF network working to conserve biological diversity, ensure sustainable use of renewable resources and reduce pollution.In New Zealand , we have four main areas of focus:Campaiging on marine conservation, including for the rare …

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Yaak Valley Forest Council

Our mission is to 1. Permanently protect the last remaining roadless cores in the Yaak Valley, which total nearly 180,000 acres in the northern tier of the Kootenai National Forest through Wilderness designation and other management tools. 2. Maintain and restore the valley’s ecological integrity by conserving and improving habitat …

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Young Naturalists’ Club of British Columbia

The Young Naturalists’ Club of British Columbia is a special group of young people, age 5 – 14, and their families:- who care about nature in this beautiful province of British Columbia;- who want to know as much as possible about everything from the smallest beetle burrowing in the earth to the …

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Youth Club for the Protection of the Environment of Niger

Action Areas:Awareness Raising / Sensitization Democracy Desertification and Drought Education Environment Environmental Education Human Rights Tree Planting Purpose: To contribute to the protection of the environment; to contribute to the fight against desertification and bush fires; to contribute to the protection of democracy and human rights.

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Youth Consultation Service New Jersey

MissionThe YCS Foundation`s mission is to fill in the gaps left by government funding, so that YCS can continue to be innovative in the ways we serve children. The Foundation can fund a programming idea before government sources realize the need, grow YCS programming outside of traditional” problem-focused programs and …

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