Issue Area: Forest Ecology and Conservation

Adirondack Mountain Club ADK Mid-Hudson Chapter

The Mid-Hudson Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) is dedicated to the protection and responsible recreational use of the New York Forest Preserve, parks, and other wild lands and waters. The Chapter is a wholly volunteer organization committed to public service and stewardship. It seeks to use a balanced …

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Adirondack Mountain Club AMC

The Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) is dedicated to the protection and responsible recreational use of the New York State Forest Preserve, and other parks, wild lands, and waters vital to our members and chapters. The club, founded in 1922, is a member-directed organization committed to public service and stewardship. ADK …

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Adivasi Mukti Sangathan

A people’s organisation formed in 1992. Founder member and an active partner of Jana Mukti Morcha – a confederation of people’s organisations like Khedut Mazdoor Chetna Sangath, Narmada Bachao Andolan, Ekta Parishad and AMS. Also associated with state and national movements like Bharat Jan Andolan, Azadi Bachao Andolan and Tribal …

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Our mutual goals are to enhance enjoyment of public forest land by eliminating illegal dumping and to increase awareness of recycling opportunities for waste materials found.The Adopt-a-Forest program goals are:- Prevention through education – Law enforcement – Improved legal recycling and disposal options. The program encourages volunteers–the program’s backbone–to clean …

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African Conservation Foundation (ACF) – UK

The African Conservation Foundation is working towards the protection and conservation of Africa’s endangered wildlife and their habitats. Founded in 1999, ACF fills a unique niche by creating an Africa-wide network for information exchange and capacity building of conservation efforts in the region.ACF’s mission is to support and link African …

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African Rights

OUR AIMS African Rights is a human rights organization with a difference. We do not claim to be neutral”. We advocate on behalf of those suffering injustice and oppression.Through research and publications programmes focused on countries scarred by violence

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Agência Envolverde

A Agência Envolverde foi criada em 1995 para administrar no Brasil o Projeto Terramérica, realizado em parceira com a Agência Inter Press Service (IPS) e com os Programas das Nações Unidas para o Meio Ambiente (Pnuma) e para o Desenvolvimento (Pnud). Desde então vem se especializando na cobertura de temas …

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Agrarian Assistance Associates

Mission:To evolve an eco-friendly participatory development process with the optimum utilisation of indigenous human and physcial resources.To work for the welfare of children and to provide better health care facilities for the needy.To undertake programmes for the development of physical resources and to entail environment awareness, forest protection, wasteland development, …

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