Issue Area: Inland Aquatic Ecosystems

10,000 Years Institute

10,000 Years Institute develops educational, management, and regulatoryapproaches to promote sustainable land use practices in forests,rivers, wetlands, and estuaries. Using science and local knowledge, theInstitute works within communities to shape regulatory priorities andadvocate for sustainable land management practices that protectecosystem services and provide net environmental benefits. 10,000 YearsInstitute evaluates the …

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Acción Ecológica

NUESTROS OBJETIVOS Queremos cultivar la vida.Queremos que esta vida cultivada florezca hermosa para todos.Queremos limpiar el huerto de la Tierra de toda maleza sofocante.Queremos resistir al viento y al granizo del poder.Queremos que ese huerto sea propiedad soberana de quienes son sus custodios naturales.Queremos que esa soberanía alimente, se alimente …

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Adirondack Watershed Institute AWI

The Adirondacks Watershed Institute(AWI) was established to maximize the efforts of two of Paul Smith’s most dynamic and successful community initiatives: the Aquatic Program and the Stewardship Program. Established in 1992 in cooperation with the Upper Saranac Lake Association, the underlying mission for each program continues to be information gathering …

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Advocates for the North Mill Pond ANMP

ANMP considers North Mill Pond an asset to the city of Portsmouth and includes in its mission: * To encourage appropriate revitalization that will complement and encourage the stability of the tidal pond ecosystem while enabling the community to utilize appropriate surrounding areas, * To foster an appreciation of the …

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¿Quiénes somos? Somos un grupo de personas que hemos decidido poner nuestras capacidades y nuestro tiempo libre al servicio de los demás, de forma desinteresada, contínua, y comprometida con el medio ambiente. ¿Qué objetivos nos proponemos? Implicar al voluntariado ambiental en todos aquellos ámbitos en los que se aprecien deficiencias …

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Ahnapee River Watershed Alliance ARWA

The Ahnapee River Watershed Alliance (ARWA) is a community-based non-profit organization working to promote awareness, education and stewardship of the Ahnapee River watershed.Our work helps to preserve this resource so that it can continue to be enjoyed by residents and visitors today and in the future.

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AIDS Law Project South Africa [ALP]

ABOUT AIDS LAW PROJECT [ALP] Equality and Justice for All! Every day people living with HIV or AIDS face one problem after another because of discrimination. People struggle to get access to proper medical treatment, school for children and even work. It is difficult to buy a house because it …

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Alabama B.A.S.S. Federation

Purpose or Mission: * Promote the sport of bass fishing * Promote the conservation of bass * Promote habitat improvementSpecific Issues: * Opposing the relocation of water on the Chattahochee River * Supporting the preservation of aquatic vegetation on the Tennessee River * Opposing affluent discharge on the Tennessee and …

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Alabama Clean Water Partnership ACWP

The Alabama Clean Water Partnership (ACWP) is a coalition of public and private individuals, companies, organizations and governing bodies working together to protect and preserve water resources and aquatic ecosystems throughout the state.Why is the Clean Water Partnership needed?Because of all the ways in which water is used — drinking …

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