Issue Area: Insects

Acadian Entomological Society

The Acadian Entomological Society is a registered scientific society whose objectives are to bring about a close association of entomologists and those interested in entomology in the four Atlantic Provinces and the neighbouring New England States, and to cooperate with and to support the Entomological Society of Canada. Founded in …

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Aldea Verde

Proyecto de Lombricultura desde hace 6 años. Curso-Taller de capacitación en Lombricultura.Permacultura.Agricultura Biointensiva.Eco-aldea.Producción de Plantas Medicinales y Aromáticas.Agricultura Biodinámica.Capacitación a campesinos en huertos de traspatio.Ecotécnias.Conservación de suelos

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Allegheny Plateau Audubon Society

Mission StatementOur mission is to promote understanding and appreciation of the diversity and interdependence of Earth`s natural ecosystems, focusing on their preservation, conservation, and restoration. Our aim is lifelong education of ourselves and the public to the wonder and intricacy of those systems and their active safeguarding.

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Amateur Entomologists’ Society

The Amateur Entomologists’ Society, founded in 1935, is a registered charity run by volunteers for those with an interest specifically in entomology and natural history in general.Our objective is to promote the study of entomology, especially amongst amateurs and young people.The society produces four publications for members – our high-quality …

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American Arachnological Society AAS

The American Arachnological Society (AAS) was founded in August 1972 to promote the study of arachnids, to achieve closer cooperation and understanding between amateur and professional arachnologists, and to publish the Journal of Arachnology. The Society also sponsors annual meetings and cooperates with other professional societies. Membership is open to …

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American Entomological Society

The American Entomological Society supports a broad range of activities related to entomological research, education and outreach. The Society publishes three scientific journal series, Transactions of the American Entomological Society, Entomological News and Memoirs of the American Entomological Society. For members in the Philadelphia region, the Society presents five meetings …

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American Tarantula Society ASTHQ

The ATS, established in 1991, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering education about tarantulas and other arachnids. A cooperative effort, our membership includes everyone from professional arachnologists to kids of all ages. The common threads that bind us together are an interest in tarantulas, scorpions, and other arachnids and …

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Andrew Shu

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APIMONDIA exists to promote scientific, ecological, social and economic apicultural development in all countries and the cooperation of beekeepers` associations, scientific bodies and of individuals involved in apiculture worldwide.APIMONDIA also aims to put into practice every initiative that can contribute to improving apiculture practice and to rendering the obtained products …

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