Issue Area: Lagomorphs

Andrew Shu

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Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights AVAR

The AVAR actively works toward the acquisition of rights for all nonhuman animals by educating the public and the veterinary profession about a variety of issues concerning nonhuman animal use. The AVAR is actively seeking reformation of the way society treats all nonhumans and an increase in environmental awareness, as …

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Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing CAAT

Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing, the website devoted to exposing the scientific and medical fraud committed at the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) operated Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC). The Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing (CAAT), based in Portland, has one specific campaign – NO CURES IN 40 YEARS, …

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Demo Organization for India

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Dr Hadwen Trust

The Dr Hadwen Trust is the UK¬ís leading medical research charity that funds and promotes exclusively non-animal techniques to replace animal experiments. Our vital work benefits humans with the development of more relevant and reliable science whilst also benefiting laboratory animals. We believe that excellence in medical research can and …

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Earth Charter Korea

In 1999, during the International NGO Conference, the Earth Charter process in Korea was reactivated under the leadership of Mr. Sungnok Andy Choi, Chairman for the Youth Forum Committee with the collaboration of Ms. Choony Kim, from the Korean Federation of Environment Movement. They have joined efforts to bring together …

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Front Range Pika Project

The Front Range Pika Project is a citizen science program that engages the public in conservation research on the American pika. Pika Patrol volunteers follow monitoring protocols to collect data about pikas and their habitat in high altitude field sites, thereby informing efforts to assess whether pikas are impacted by …

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IUCN/SSC Lagomorph Specialist Group LSG

The IUCN/SSC Lagomorph Specialist Group (LSG) is responsible for the conservation and management of approximately 80 species of pikas, rabbits and hares. The LSG was constituted in 1978 and currently has 49 members worldwide. The highest priority activities of the LSG are focused in Mexico, Japan, South Africa, and central-Asia. …

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Norwich Saving Animals from Exploitation SAFE

The Norwich Animals Charter disbanded in 1994. By this time, the group felt its objective of setting up a charter for animals with the City Council had been realised and the founder felt more emphasis should be directed to supporting the Norwich & Mid Norfolk branch of the RSPCA.The group …

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