Issue Area: Lakes and Ponds

Fourth Coast Soaps & Salts

Fourth Coast Soaps & Salts is an online resource for handcrafted, botanically based, natural bathing products. Created to make bathing products that are actually beneficial to the skin, all of my products are free of artificial fillers and synthetics and will not contaminate your skin or our delicate Great Lakes …

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Freshwater Foundation

The Freshwater Foundation is the only U.S. non-profit organization solely concerned with fresh water in all of its aspects — lakes, rivers, wetlands and ground water. We work to raise awareness and understanding of the vital role fresh water plays in our lives. We believe objective, reliable information is among …

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Friends of Lac des Roches and Birch Lake

Mission The purpose of this association is to form an organized opposition to the proposed development on Birch Lake and Lac des Roches and to work for the future well-being of these lakes.”There is a published account of the pioneers who settled at Lac des Roches

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Friends of Lake Johnson

IntroductionThe primary purpose of Friends of Lake Johnson is to preserve the natural beauty of Lake Johnson Park. This includes the acquisition of adjacent parcels of land, working to assist the Parks and Recreation Dept. in assuring the cleanliness of the lake and its surrounding area, and to help in …

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Fundy Model Forest

Many dedicated individuals and organizations, with diverse interests and perspectives, form the partnership that is the Fundy Model Forest. They come together to share ideas and information, evaluate the impact of various approaches to resource management, and undertake research to assist in better forest management.

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Gratiot Lake Conservancy GLC

The Gratiot Lake Conservancy [GLC] is located in Keweenaw County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. An important mission of GLC is to conserve and protect Gratiot Lake and the land within the Gratiot Lake watershed. A 307 acre nature preserve at the Lake includes over 10,000 feet of shoreline. …

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Great Lakes Town Hall

Residents of the Great Lakes are divided by great physical and political distances. Stretching from the remote Northwoods of Minnesota and Western Ontario through the heavily industrialized and arrigated lands of the eastern Midwest, and on to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, the Great Lakes drainage basin spans …

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Green Camel Bell

Green Camel Bell (GCB), the first Non-governmental environmental protection organization in Gansu, was formally established on 4th, November, 2004. It aims to protect and to restore the continuing deteriorated ecological environment in West China. Since establishment, GCB played active role in setting environment crisis, carrying out public environment education, promoting …

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