Issue Area: Lepidoptera

Andrew Shu

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Ark Valley Butterfly Club

A group of people interested in the natural history and conservation of the FLYING FLOWERS” of south central Kansas had a butterfly club going for a few years. The club fizzled out in 2003

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Association for Tropical Lepidoptera ATL

The Association for Tropical Lepidoptera is a non-profit scientific society and educational membership organization, founded in 1989 to promote the study and conservation of Lepidoptera worldwide, especially in the tropical regions of the world. ATL CONSERVATION PROJECTSConservation projects of the Association for Tropical Lepidoptera are funded only through dedicated contributions; …

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Back Garden Moths

Many people, encounters with moths revolve around unwanted intrusions into their homes. Few people realise the wide spectrum of moth species which often rival the beauty of butterflies. Some even consider the moth to be the pinacle of the insect world. Back Garden Moths aims to encourage others to discover …

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Bedfordshire Moth Group

Bedfordshire Moth Group is dedicated to the moth fauna of the vice county of Bedfordshire (VC30). We are intended to encourage an interest in, and the recording of moths in Bedfordshire.The Bedfordshire Moth Group has an active field trip calendar, targeting specific habitats and species where possible. Some outings are …

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Butterfly Barn

The Butterfly Barn nature center occupies a sunny room in a two-story barn that overlooks the Upper Delaware River near Milanville, PA.A major activity of the center is to rescue monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars from threatened habitats, and to rear them on home-grown milkweed plants. With the invaluable aid …

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Butterfly Conservation BC

The alarming decline of many beautiful butterflies after the last war led a small group of dedicated naturalists, headed by Sir Peter Scott, to form Butterfly Conservation in 1968 as the British Butterfly Conservation Society.The aim of the new Society was to try to halt the decline of these lovely …

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Butterfly Conservation Cheshire and Peak District Branch

Butterfly Conservation is the UK charity working towards a world where butterflies and moths can thrive for future generations to enjoy.The Cheshire and Peak District Branch was established in 1985 with the aim of promoting the conservation of butterflies, moths and their habitats in Cheshire and the Peak District.Butterflies are …

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