Issue Area: Mangrove Conservation


1egg1world is an initiative which has the goal of raising $1million through ‘trading-up’ starting out with just one egg. Once the million dollars is raised it will be donated to our three favourite Australian grass-roots charities. We chose these charities from the three areas we felt most important – The …

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Action for Mangrove Reforestation

OBJECTIVES: To offer technical and financial support for the preservation and reforestation by local residents of mangrove areas, and the research, study and promotion of those activities

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Africa Rainforest Conservancy

Africa Rainforest Conservancy supports the work of grassroots communities in east africa working to preserve the biodiversity of the Eastern Arc mountain and coastal forests. We have support the local ngo based in tanzania, the Tanzanian Forest Conservation Group in their visionary work to achieve this end. see

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African Center for Coastal Development

We are non-profit organisation with the following specific objectives:1)Conservation and sustainability of marine resources.2) Protection of coastal environment.3)Assist local communities for training and workshops related to fisheries and protection of marine environment.4)Identify actions needed to enable application measures to protect marine resources from depleting by foreign and local fleets.5)Help promote …

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Akpabuyo Bakassi Green Movement ABGREMO

In an around the coastal communities of Akpabuyo and Bakassi local government areas of Cross River State, Nigeria, with a future plan to extend to other states of the federation.These will be achieved through the following strategic framework/themes;1) Sustainable Mangrove Management(SMM)2) Youth Leadership 3) Human Rights Education4) Gender/HIV/AIDS mainstreaming.5) Micro-Credit …

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Alternative Aquaculture Association

Non-profit organization providing information on alternative and traditional methods of aquaculture, emphasizing , low-energy and practical applications, recirculating technologies, and educational and backyard systems.

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American Fisheries Society AFS Indiana Chapter

The mission of the American Fisheries Society is to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals.

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Amigos de Isla Contoy, A.C.

Promover entre la población la prevención y control de la contaminación de agua, aire y del suelo, la protección del ambiente y la preservación y restauración del equilibrio ecológico, fomentar la preservación de la flora y fauna silvestre, terrestre y acuática dentro del Parque Nacional de Isla Contoy, así como …

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