Issue Area: Mollusks and Crustaceans

Andrew Shu

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Billfish Foundation TBF

The Billfish Foundation is a non-profit organization with a very clear objective: the conservation and enhancement of billfish populations worldwide through scientific research, education, and advocacy.MissionThe Conservation of Billfish Worldwide through Research, Education and Advocacy. PhilosophyExploitation of billfish stocks is continuing at an alarming rate causing their populations to plummet …

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California Inland Invertebrate Work Group CaIIWG

The California Inland Invertebrate Work Group is a group of individuals from the academic, public, private and regulatory sectors whose purpose is to foster communication of technical information related to the ecology, distribution, and management of California’s inland invertebrates. The groups intrests include freshwater and terrestrial insects, crustaceans and other …

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Canadian Ocean Habitat Protection Society COHPS

CANADIAN OCEAN HABITAT PROTECTION SOCIETY EXPLORING, NDERSTANDING, PROTECTING AND RESTORING CANADA’S INCREDIBLE NORTHERN CORAL FORESTS & THOSE FISHERIES THAT CAN COEXIST WITH THEM.The Canadian Ocean Habitat Protection Society has been working to educate Nova Scotians about our deep sea coral.The coral story is a story with many strands: fishing, conservation, …

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Canadian Water Resources Association CWRA Quebec SYP chapter

IntroductionThe Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) is a national organization of individuals and organizations interested in the management of Canada’s water resources. The membership is composed of private and public sector water resource professionals including managers, administrators, scientists, academics, students and users. CWRA has branch organizations in eight provinces and …

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Cananéia Oyster Producers Cooperative

The Cananéia Oyster Producers Cooperative Oyster Producers Cooperative is a community based organization centered on the Mandira Neighborhood Extractive Reserve. Launched in 1994, and expanded in 1997 to cover the entire Cananéia estuary, the cooperative was established to reconcile oyster harvesting with conservation of the region’s highly biodiverse mangrove forests.The …

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Chesapeake Bay Program

  America’s Premiere Watershed Restoration PartnershipThe Chesapeake Bay — the largest estuary in the U.S. — is an incredibly complex ecosystem that includes important habitats and food webs. The Bay itself, its rivers,

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Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Early in 1988, the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana was incorporated to address and advocate for the restoration and preservation of the only great delta ecosystem in North America — the Mississippi River Delta. A land of extraordinary riches, the area supplies a large portion of our nation’s commercial fish …

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