Issue Area: Mustelids and Viverrids

Alliance for Wilderness Education and Stewardship

Stewards of America’s Wild Heritage The Alliance for Wilderness Education and Stewardship is a non-profit wilderness stewardship organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the National Wilderness Preservation System through citizen stewardship projects and public education.  Through our efforts we engage the many stakeholders and organizations involved in wilderness …

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American Ferret Association, Inc

GoalsPROMOTE To promote the domestic ferret as a companion animal through public education via shows, newsletters, legislative education, and other venues.PROTECT To protect the domestic ferret against anti-ferret legislation, mistreatment, unsound breeding practices and overpopulation, needless scientific research, and any practice deemed to lower the health standards or survivability of …

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Andrew Shu

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Badger Trust

The Badger Trust is a limited company (number 5460677) and a registered charity (number 1111440) which promotes the conservation and welfare of badgers and the protection of their setts and habitats. We are the leading voice for badgers and represent and support around 80 local voluntary badger groups. The Badger …

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Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed

Aims of the group:to encourage understanding and the study and research for the advancement of badger knowledgeto promote and advance their welfareto encourage tolerance, appreciation and respect for all animal life.

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Binfield Badger Group

There are approximately 300,000 badgers in the United Kingdom. This may seem like a large number, but an estimated 47,500 are killed in road accidents every year. Combined with the persecution of badgers by people who believe that killing them is a sport and the reduction of suitable habitat by …

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Black-Footed Ferret Recovery Foundation

The Black-footed Ferret Recovery Implementation Team (BFFRIT) was created in 1996 to more effectively integrate the expertise and resources of various parties contributing to the recovery of the black-footed ferret. The BFFRIT is a multi-agency/ conservation organization effort, led by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which includes representatives from …

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We are attempting to reduce the number of RTAs in our area through our RTA Campaign. This campaign consists of several elements: Rescuing injured badgers. Not all badgers hit by motor vehicles are killed straightaway – some are left injured on the road. We have a network of Rescue Officers …

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Clwyd Badger Group

Clwyd Badger Group is committed to promoting the study and conservation of badgers and to protecting the badger’s habitats and interests in present and future setts in the major part of North Wales from Gwynedd to the Cheshire border.The group provides an information service to members of the public, and …

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