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Sumatran Orangutan Society USA

Sumatran Orangutan Society USAMissionSOS endeavours,- To conserve the endemic Sumatran orangutan (pongo abelii) and its native habitat.- To promote public awareness of, and participation in, conservation strategies for the Sumatran orangutan through campaigns, community education and global communication.- To collaborate with Indonesian conservationists in the establishment and running of the …

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Symbiotic Institute of Mutualistic Human Culture [SIMHC]

It is the mission of the Symbiotic Institute of Mutualistic Human Culture [SIMHC] to serve as an educational resource for the conservation of biodiversity and to contribute to the empowerment of humans to act mutualistically with the natural world. VisionWe envision a self-sufficient education centre promoting sustainability, where the human …

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Tacugama Chimp Sanctuary

The sanctuary was set up in 1995, and is committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned and abandoned chimpanzees. High in the hills of the Western Forest, the chimps enjoy a semi-wild life within the 100 acre reserve.The overall aim of the programme is to provide a safe home …

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The Bushmeat Project

The Bushmeat Project has been established to support partnerships that will help the people of equatorial Africa to protect the region’s vital ecosystems and vibrant societies. The program is a long-term effort to provide economic and social incentive and to enable the expansion of capacity in the conservation arena. A …

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The Javan Slow Loris – Conservation Program

This program are dedicated to the conservation of Javan Slow Loris (Nycticebus javanicus) and for those who care for them stay alive in their habitat. Our base activities are field research on slow loris & awareness on it’s conservation.Mainly of us are the common local people from Priangan, some places …

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The Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance PASA

The Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance (PASA) is registered as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity in the United States and all donations are tax-deductible. PASA is also registered as a limited company in the United Kingdom, and charity applications are pending in several African nations.The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) …

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We are a non-profit organisation working on Conservation and Climate Change.Apart from educational / awareness programmes, we’re beginning a study of endangered primates in India & Sri Lanka.We’re looking for volunteers, research support and funding.Contact:TRIBE 10 44

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The Umpalazi: Community & Wildlife Project, set on a breathtaking 7,000 acre property in the South African bush, endeavors to provide skills training for local rural Zulu community members. This is carried out with the help of international volunteers who help train the selected local community members, whilst transforming Umpalazi’s …

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Uni Konservasi Fauna

Uni Konservasi Fauna merupakan salah satu Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa di Institut Pertanian Bogor yang mewadahi segenap Mahasiswa IPB yang berminat pada dunia konservasi fauna.Uni Konservasi Fauna bersifat kemahasiswaan yang terbuka bagi  seluruh elemen mahasiswa IPB maupun masyarakat IPB. “Selamatkan Fauna Indonesia…..!!!!”adalah motto yang menjadi pegangan  UKF dalam mengedepankan nilai moral, intelektual, …

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