Issue Area: Riparian Ecology and Conservation

ACT Waterwatch

Waterwatch is a national community water quality monitoring network that encourages all Australians to become involved and active in the protection and management of their waterways and catchments.Since Waterwatch began, the number of monitoring groups has grown from 200 operating in 16 catchments, to nearly 3000 groups in 200 Catchments. …

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Action to Restore a Clean Humber ARCH

Action to Restore a Clean Humber (ARCH) is an environmental Non-Governmental Organization. ARCH grew in reaction to the fact that a polluted Humber River is harmful to health, recreation and economics. ARCH started in 1989 as an initiative by Luciano Martin promoting united action in the watershed; it was incorporated …

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Adirondack Watershed Institute AWI

The Adirondacks Watershed Institute(AWI) was established to maximize the efforts of two of Paul Smith’s most dynamic and successful community initiatives: the Aquatic Program and the Stewardship Program. Established in 1992 in cooperation with the Upper Saranac Lake Association, the underlying mission for each program continues to be information gathering …

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Adopt-A-Stream Foundation of Everett, Washington

The Adopt-A-Stream Foundation Habitat Restoration Crew was created to address challenges facing stream and wetland ecosystems in the field. Drawing upon the expertise of its members, the team has completed many successful stream and wetland restoration projects. The team is funded by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Jobs …

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Advance Rural Technology Hyderabad Inputs Centre [ARTHIC]

ARTHIC aims at the economic development of people living below the poverty line irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It is committed to participatory development of this section with more focus on creating women`s groups. It runs various projects in the areas of agriculture, formation of self help groups, income …

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Advanced Centre for Water Resources Development and Management [ACWADAM]

ACWADAM has evolved with the vision of achieving a fruitful integration between the scientific principles of Hydrogeology & Hydrology and their actual field applications for systematic water resources development and management [especially in the groundwater resources sector].Registered as a non-profit organization, ACWADAM has embarked upon endeavouring to become a premier …

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Advocates for the North Mill Pond ANMP

ANMP considers North Mill Pond an asset to the city of Portsmouth and includes in its mission: * To encourage appropriate revitalization that will complement and encourage the stability of the tidal pond ecosystem while enabling the community to utilize appropriate surrounding areas, * To foster an appreciation of the …

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African Rivers Network ARN

AFRICA RIVER¬íS NETWORK. Africa Rivers Network (ARN) is a network that brings together African countries advocating for sustainable utilization of African water resources.ARN Mission:ARN work’s towards ecological sustainability and social justice in the arena of large dams and their alternatives through, influencing decision making, amplifying community voices and rights, and …

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African Water Institute Research Unit AWIRU

Who are we?The African Water Issues Research Unit [AWIRU] is a not-for-profit applied research organisation based at the University of Pretoria, established to develop an African capacity to understand the complexity of African water management and development issues. AWIRU`s objective is to generate water management solutions that are politically, socially, …

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