Issue Area: Rivers and Creeks

Bay Ridge Trust

The Bay Ridge Trust is a non-profit land trust dedicated to preserving the health of the water resources and habitat of the Annapolis Neck peninsula. Founded in 1989, the Trust is working to protect the environmental well-being of the many creek watersheds that feed the Chesapeake Bay and sustain a …

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Carrboro Greenspace

Global Warming and Peak Everything pose challenges that need to beaddresses through all scales of human organizing. As higher levels ofgovernance (United Nation, National Governments) have been captive toforces that are only driven by short sighted profiteering, thepressures for action have increased on the more local scales. TheCarrboro Greenspace will …

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Cedar Hill Enrichment Center

Cedar Hill Enrichment Center is a center of spirituality, ecology and Earth education.  Our mission is to provide a haven of healing and growth that honros the diversity of all people and pursues the study and practice of Earth preservation and sustainability.

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Center for Economic and Environmental Development CEED

Increasing community and regional leaders` understanding of how economic and environmental decisions can work hand in hand to bring a new vitality to Northwest Pennsylvania. The Center for Economic and Environmental Development (CEED) is based in Allegheny College in Northwest Pennsylvania. CEED`s mission isto improve the quality of life in …

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CEPCE India is an organization run by spirited nature supporters from different spheres of the society. Driven by passion and zeal to uplift the not-so-fortunate of the rural society, CEPCE Indians have adopted a model village in Andhra Pradesh to accomplish a formidable task of creating self-sustenance.CEPCE India has germinated …

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Chattahoochee Cold Water Tailrace Fishery Foundation, Inc.

The Chattahoochee Coldwater Fishery Foundation was established in 1998 as a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation. It’s original name was the Chattahoochee Cold Water Tailrace Fishery Foundation which was quite a mouthful to pronouce and remember so we changed to a new name in 2003.The purpose of the organization is to …

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