Issue Area: Seed Conservation

Abundant Life Seed Foundation ALSF

Abundant Life Seed Foundation is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Washington whose purposes are to preserve genetic diversity and support sustainable agriculture through acquiring, propagating and preserving native and naturalized seed, with specific emphasis on those species not commercially available, including rare and endangered species; providing information on …

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Accademia Italiana di Permacultura

L’Associazione, che non ha scopi di lucro, ha per oggetto e si propone di:- essere una rete di supporto per le persone che hanno frequentato i corsi di Progettazione in Permacultura secondo il modulo di 72h, e che hanno deciso di continuare la propria formazione fino all’ottenimento del Diploma di …

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Action humaine pour le développement intégré au Sénégal AHDIS

Action humaine pour le développement intégré au Sénégal (AHDIS) conducts research on the following areas; the fertilization and conservation of soils; reforestation and the management of natural forests; agroforestry and ways to increase the value of uncultivated land. Supports rural populations in the production of seeds and soil conservation. Promotes …

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We, the members of AEGEE…realizing that the European Youth is building the future of our Continent, aspiring to a peaceful Europe free of obstacles and enmities, of false divisions and forced differences, resolve to remove barriers between the peoples of Europe, determined to contribute to a Europe of co-operation and …

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African Biodiversity Network ABN

The African Biodiversity Network (ABN) aims to promote thesustainable development and conservation of biodiversity, based onlocal community rights and livelihood systems in Africa. The strategiesused to achieve this have been through influencing public policy onbiodiversity issues at international, regional and national levels andby promoting awareness of these issues and their …

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Agriculture Development Trust

Agriculture Development Trust Mission:>..To popularise and demonstrate the process of cultivation of new varities of crops.>..To test and promote the use of improved variety of seeds.>..To implement on improved methods of crop cultivation.>..To help in developing agricultural extension activities.>..To train and provide skilled workers for industries.>..To carry out afforestation programmes.>..To …

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Agroforestry Seed Production Development and Association ASPADA

Mission Improved socio-economic status of the target families through development of agrobased livelihood, income generating activities, Primary health care, education, disaster mitigation, increase research and training facilities, quality seed production, agroforestry consciousness development and information & networking by effective participation and community people of ASPADA working areas.

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