Issue Area: Sparse Trees and Parklands

Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association APPA

Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association Inc is a community-based, non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of the unique parklands encircling the city of Adelaide.Goals:the Park Lands are available for use by the general public the public, so far as practicable, has free and unrestricted access to the Park Lands the …

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Amico Giardiniere

Amico Giardiniere si rivolge con fiducia e speranza ai giardinieri, agli orticoltori, ai selvicoltori e agli agricoltori in quanto depositari di un sapere unificato dalla pratica e dalla passione sincera per il proprio lavoro. In quello sforzo continuo di migliorarsi e trovare buone pratiche sta il necessario punto di equilibrio …

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Andrew Shu

Our team of expert plumbers can solve all your plumbing problems. From minor issues like faucet repairs to pipe repairs and installations. We provide repair, installation, and maintenance services for all our customers. Contact us today to discuss your plumbing problem!

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Darebin Parklands Association DPA

The Darebin Parklands Association (DPA) Inc is a local community friends group. The group was initially founded in 1973 as the Rockbeare Park Conservation Group, which was formed to preserve and rehabilitate Rockbeare Park, one of the earliest suburban parks in Australia, dating back to 1929. The group was instrumental …

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Eco-Logic Lawn and Landscape

Our mission at Eco-Logic is to provide safe, natural alternatives to chemical fertilizers and weed control.  We only offer products that are environmentally safe and free of harmful chemicals found in most commercial fertilizers.  We are committed to honoring the health of all those who enjoy the lawns and gardens …

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Ente Foreste della Sardegna

Rientra nella missione dell’Ente lo sviluppo e la valorizzazione del patrimonio forestale e faunistico del territorio regionale, nonché la creazione e diffusione di una cultura che contempli valori naturalistici, storici e culturali propri della Sardegna. Questi obiettivi, estremamente attuali nelle nuove politiche di gestione dell’ambiente naturale, abbracciano un campo molto vasto di tematiche. In ambito …

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Forest Stewardship Council FSC, Gabon

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) shall promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.Environmentally appropriate forest management ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes.Socially beneficial forest management helps both local people and society at large …

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Friends of Darebin Creek

The friends of Darebin Creek was formed in 1995 to protect, restore and conserve the Darebin Creek and its adjacent parklands as a natural environment for the enjoyment of the communityDarebin Creek is one of the major tributaries of the Yarra River. The creek winds its way through many of …

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Friends of Galveston Island State Park

Before the first of the new year, campers should be able to access the Internet via WI-Fi while on the campgrounds. The Friends group is working with a company that is presently an Internet provider for the Jamaica Beach area. The company, at no cost to either the Park or …

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