Issue Area: Sparse Trees and Parklands

ParkLands Foundation

The mission of ParkLands Foundation is to preserve, protect, and ecologically restore historic natural lands in McLean and contiguous counties. These lands are dedicated primarily for preserving the biological diversity of native plants and wildlife, and secondarily for passive public recreation, environmental education and scientific research�

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San Francisco Parks Alliance

The mission of the San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) is to inspire and promote civic engagement and philanthropy to protect, sustain, and enrich San Francisco parks, recreation, and green open spaces.Why We Value Parks  |  Why we believe everyone shouldOur parks, open spaces and recreational facilities are critical public resources that …

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Save the Gray Whale Parklands

Save the Gray Whale Parklands is an organization whose goal is to protect the natural integrity of the Gray Whale Ranch in Santa Cruz County, including wildlife habitat and open space values.MAJOR CATEGORY: NPC/NGO/Citizen Group, NPC/NGOAREA OF FOCUS: LocalKEYWORD DESCRIPTORS: Wilderness, Parks/Trails, Land Preservation, Forestry PracticesACTIVITIES: Education, Lobbying

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DescriptionWe are an environmental organisation to campaign against environmental degradation in Africa , deforestation,sustainable management of forests ,good agro-ecological practises and planting of multi-purpose trees we are looking for international partners to carry out our projects right across Africa

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Trees Atlanta Fulton

Trees Atlanta is a non-profit citizens group dedicated to protecting and improving our urban environment by planting and conserving trees. We also educate the public about the importance of trees.Tree Planting Volunteers plant 6-10-foot tall hardwoods in weekend projects throughout the city and educate the public about the value of …

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