Issue Area: Temperate and Boreal Needleleaf Forests

Andrew Shu

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Armenian Relief Society ARS BULGARIA

It would be improper to write the history of the Armenian Relief Society without first mentioning that long before its founding in the year 1910, there existed groups of Armenian women, small in number, some functioning in the name of Armenian Red Cross”

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Bermuda Audubon Society

About the Society Mission: To conserve Bermuda’s special bird life and habitats for the benefit of all”The Bermuda Audubon Society is a non-profit making registered charity

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Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary and Retreat Center

Earthfire Institutes mission is to give refuge and rehabilition to rescued native wildlife, who in turn make it possible to provide programs in conservation biology, eucation, art, and wellness that offer scientific understanding, opportunities for intimate encounters that promote healing, and celebration throught the arts.Earthfire’s vision is to create a …

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Europe Conservation

            European Organization for the Conservation for Natural Resources and Cultural Heritage

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European Environmental Paper Network

The European Environmental Paper Network (EEPN) is a civil society tttmovement promoting sustainable practices in the pulp and paper tttindustry. It consists of more than 50 non-governmental organisations ttt(NGOs) from 21 countries that are signatories to the ttt

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